Social listening

Learn how to use social listening to leverage your marketing and sales strategies

Social listening helps companies understand the conversation surrounding their brand and the products and services they offer. It provides valuable consumer data that companies can use to gauge brand awareness, improve their products or services and strengthen relationships with customers.

Our guest of E-marketing Talks, Daniel Kajak, Chief Revenue Officer at SentiOne, opened the topic of social listening, why it is important and how to do it right.


Daniel Kajak


Long-time sales manager of SentiOne, online monitoring company. Responsible for overseeing both sources of new revenue and retaining the existing group of clients within SentiOne's Listen business line. Current goal is to create short and long-term strategy as part of further expansion into South America and Western Europe. Privately a passionate automotive enthusiast, aspiring racing driver, husband to a loving wife and caretaker of a wonderful dog.

Renata Okrajni


Operations Manager at PushPushGo, she has been involved in the new technology market for four years. She is interested in the event industry, where she has experience as an organizer. Privately a mother of two little children and a fan of bicycle touring.

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