Bookstore, the sister site of, has successfully utilized web push notifications for communication with subscribers for a long time. In our conversation with Monika Koniecko and Agnieszka Zienkowicz, we talk about the effectiveness of the technology, strategies for its implementation, and their experiences collaborating with PushPushGo.

Monika Koniecko: Head of the Digital Content Department at and Responsible for product presentation on the websites, promotional actions, and individual sales.

Agnieszka Zienkowicz – Product Manager at Empik Go, responsible for the development of the application enabling reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks on mobile devices and e-readers.

Implementation of web push

Web push solutions have been operational on the Virtualo website for a while. The website implemented the PushPushGo tool in 2017.

"Their performance was very effective on the website, which is why we decided to implement it on as well," recalls Monika Koniecko (web push notifications from PushPushGo have been active on from August 2022 to April 2023).

"Beyond formalities and our corporate processes, the implementation of the functioning tool itself was very simple and fast. It posed no problems whatsoever. Then it was a matter of optimization, introducing appropriate labels, tagging for our users, but the fundamental implementation went smoothly," added Agnieszka Zienkowicz.

Web push operation

Despite the challenge of determining the exact effectiveness of a single tool in stores of such large scale with a vast number of variables, our interlocutors have observed positive aspects of using web push.

Monika Koniecko: "Notifications are a very effective tool for communicating with customers. We see that users react positively to them, visiting our website and making purchases."

The company successfully employs all e-marketing tools in its repertoire, creating comprehensive cross-channel experiences for users.

Agnieszka Zienkowicz: "Our users use multiple tools simultaneously, meaning we reach them through email and push notifications."

Effectiveness and strategy

Virtualo uses mass web push campaigns to support promotional activities with discounted product prices. It has also implemented automation scenarios, including a welcome push, among others.

Monika Koniecko: "Very effective is the scenario, which in our case is called 'Customers are on the site now.' I noticed that when I placed an ad for newsletter signup with an additional discount, this push evidently caused an increase in signups."

Automation plays a significant role in push communication. As Koniecko explains: "We would like to automate as many actions as possible. We see that the effectiveness of scenarios is greater than manually sent pushes, so that's the direction we want to pursue."

Collaboration with PushPushGo

How do our interlocutors assess the collaboration with PushPushGo?

Monika Koniecko: "Very well. This is evident from the fact that we implemented this tool on, our sister company."

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