Web push on a media portal. Srbija Danas and PushPushGo

Srbija Danas (sd.rs) is a popular Serbian news website that provides up-to-date news and information about different topics and offers a mix of breaking news, in-depth analysis, and opinion pieces, with a focus on providing accurate and reliable information to its readers. Srbija Danas has a large online presence and it is a go-to source for many Serbian citizens looking to stay informed about local and international events.

To stay closer to its readers the company implemented web push notifications. Recently we spoke with Miloš Ivanović, Editor in Chief at SrbijaDanas, about their experience with this communication tool.

Can you give us an overview of Srbija Danas and your role in the company?

The "Srbija Danas" is a Serbian news portal with information from various spheres - politics, economy, business, sports, and entertainment. 

I am the editor-in-chief of the portal Srbija Danas and I am also responsible for the organization of editorial work, creating strategies, monitoring and analyzing results on different platforms and using different tools.

What prompted you to implement push notifications on your website? What goals did you want to achieve?

We saw push notifications as a powerful tool that will allow us to reach a wider audience. At the same time, we aim to keep the subscribers we attract via this channel as our regular readers with unique content that a team of journalists and editors creates daily.

In addition to attracting new users, the goal of using push notifications was also to segment them according to their areas of interest.

How did the implementation of web push go? Was the process easy, or did you encounter any obstacles?

The implementation of push notifications wasn’t too difficult. Of course, the new tool was at first a curiosity, but very quickly we managed to catch up and use it to its full capacity without too much trouble.

How can you characterize your web push subscribers? Can you notice any behaviors in them not typical for your audience in other channels?

We’ve noticed that the highest-rated push campaigns promote the same content that achieves good results on Google Discover and Google News.

How long did it take before you noticed the results? Which KPIs improved? Can you estimate these changes?

Since the beginning, we were observing a constant increase in visits to our site.

What is your sending strategy for web push? In what cases do web push notifications work best? Which features do you find the most useful?

The strategy for sending push notifications depends on the situation. If it's about a series of news reporting on one event, we send push notifications in intervals of 30 minutes one after the other. If it is not about "breaking news", we select the content and send campaigns every three hours.

What is your opinion of web push as a communication channel?

Web push notifications are a great tool. With its many options, it enables reaching a wider audience, but also segmenting users by topics and their areas of interest.

How would you rate your experience with PushPushGo so far?

I would not give a specific rating, I can say that we are very satisfied with the work of web push notifications. And by investing joint efforts I expect even better results :)

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