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Pevex is the first Croatian non-food retail chain operating on the market since 1990. It is present in all parts of Croatia. Pevex maintains its position as the first choice to buy when it comes to products for construction, furnishing, and decorating home and garden. implemented push notifications in June 2021. 

“The goal of the implementation of PushPushGo is to increase engagement on the webshop and a more active marketing approach to promotions and, ultimately, to make more traffic.”

Vjekoslav Vnučec
Performance Specialist
PEVEX d.d.

👥 Subscribers

More than 270,000 users have subscribed to web push notifications on, the vast majority of them on a mobile device.

web push subscribers pevex

📝 Challenge

The company aimed to reach its website visitors through the additional marketing channel and increase user engagement and online sales.

💡 Solution

In order to engage web push subscribers Pevex implemented a complex approach by combining automation scenarios with regular mass campaigns. In 2022, the company sent an average of 15 mass campaigns per month. Pevex uses web push to inform subscribers about promotions, special offers, and new arrivals 

🎯 Results

“We saw the first results and improvements after two weeks of use.”

Vjekoslav Vnučec
Performance Specialist
PEVEX d.d.

In 2021, Pevex was recognized at the Push Notification Marketing Awards in the categories of Best Performance, Best Web Push Campaign (Q3), and Rising Stars among e-commerce companies. Find more details about the award here.

The average CTR of mass web push campaigns in 2022 is 2,81%. In 2022, Pevex used four automation scenarios, the average CTR of which reached 6,67%.

Here are the implemented automation scenarios:

    • Welcome message - after subscription user receives an automatic welcome message that directs to the subpage with the hottest promotions.

web push notification ecommerce

    • Last seen offer - if the subscriber didn’t add anything to the cart and left the site, 24 minutes later he or she receives the notification encouraging to return to the last seen offer.
    • Abandoned cart - if a subscriber abandoned a cart, he or she will receive two reminders about unfinished transactions.
    • 14 days absence - if the subscriber didn’t visit the site for more than 14 days he receives a notification that directs him to the page with recent promotions. 

During the first 9 months of 2022, the company received over 450,000 visits to the site via web push notifications. 

📢 Client’s opinion

What do you think about web push as a communication channel?

“I believe that the push channel is excellent for quick communication and promotion of new products and campaigns.”

Can you, please, share a few words about your experience of cooperation with PushPushGo?

“I can only say the best about PushPushGo as a channel. I think that the tool is very simple and yet on the other hand very detailed and it is necessary to plan the automation well in order to use the maximum possibilities of push notifications. I would like to praise the Account Manager Przemek Cymerkiewicz who is very punctual, detailed, and excellent in communication with Pevex.”

Vjekoslav Vnučec
Performance Specialist
PEVEX d.d.

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