Planeta Sport multiplies retention and revenue with web push notifications

planeta sport ecommerce web push case study

Planeta Sport is one of the largest retail chains of sports equipment in Serbia with more than 100 stores and over 1000 employees in 59 cities. The company offers high-quality products from various renowned brands of footwear, clothing, and accessories. 

The company implemented web push notifications in February 2021 as an additional channel to reach its website visitors.

“Our goals [to implement web push notifications] were to include an additional channel in order to interact with users who already visited our website and confirmed they want to use notifications.”

Stefana Jelesić
Head of performance marketing @ Planeta Sport

👥 Subscribers

The company has already collected more than 230,000 subscribers, over 90% of whom use mobile devices to subscribe to web push notifications. 


📝 Challenge

Engage with website visitors through an additional channel - web push notifications.

💡 Solution

Planeta Sport sends out an average of 1-3 mass and targeted campaigns weekly. The expiration date of those campaigns is a few hours so that a subscriber does not receive more than one web push notification at a time.


The company has also implemented automation scenarios:

  • abandoned cart - push notification is automatically sent to subscribers, who have abandoned their cart, to encourage them to catch up on uncompleted transactions,
  • last seen product with product feed - if a subscriber has visited the website but has not purchased anything, they receive an automatic notification with the last seen product to motivate them to make a purchase,
  • long absence - if the subscriber does not visit the website for more than 14 days, they receive an automatic notification encouraging them to check out the new offers,
  • cross-selling - if the subscriber has purchased a product, e.g. sportswear, he will receive a notification with a complementary product, e.g. sports shoes, to complete the look.

🎯 Results

After what time did you start to notice the results of using web push and which KPIs were affected?

Our main KPIs for this channel were website visits and revenue. After implementation, we had to wait a little in order to increase the subscriber base (it takes time, but in our case it was pretty fast), which later resulted in an increased number of website visits together with increased revenue.

Stefana Jelesić
Head of performance marketing @ Planeta Sport

In the first 8 months of 2022, the average CTR of manual campaigns was 2.13%, resulting in more than 445,000 visits to the website via the web push notification channel.

The average CTR of automation scenarios is 9.6%. This means that the automation scenarios generated nearly 80,000 additional visits to the website since the beginning of 2022.

In 2021, Planeta Sport also achieved great results with manual campaigns and automation scenarios and was awarded in the Best Web Push Campaign and Best Automation Scenario categories in the Push Notification Marketing Award.

📢 Client’s opinion

What do you think about web push as a communication channel? 

We see it as an opportunity to return users to the website and remind them of our great offers. It also has great potential in automation.

Can you share a few words about your experience of cooperating with PushPushGo?

Our experience is very positive, there is great cooperation and communication between the PushPushGo team and us. Team is very responsive, and it solves every request in a very short period of time. We recommend cooperation with them!

Stefana Jelesić
Head of performance marketing @ Planeta Sport

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