Več over 73% of web push subscribers engaged with the portal during the last 7 days

vecernji list web push case study

Večernji list is a national daily newspaper based in Zagreb, Croatia. It is distributed throughout the whole country with a circulation of 30,000-40,000 copies sold per day. Online news portal was launched in 1999. According to Gemius, it is the second most read portal in Croatia. Since June 2021 Več offers its digital readers Premium section with selected content. The portal covers a wide range of topics: from politics and culture to sports and show business.

At the end of 2020 Več implemented web push notifications as an additional channel to distribute news and reach its readers with important information asap.

👥 Subscribers

The current database of counts more than 125,000 subscribers.

🤯 Challenge

Reach the widest audience and turn its members into regular readers.

💡 Solution

Web push is a great solution to build relationships with an audience, especially when it is done properly. In order to achieve its goal, uses primarily mass campaigns. The sending strategy that the portal follows allows for reaching great results:

  • web push campaigns are sent regularly - daily, as it is a news portal ➡️ as a result the portal keeps constant contact with its subscribers;
  • there is a limitation to 4-6 campaigns sent per day ➡️ subscribers receive only the most important and most interesting news of the day;
  • every campaign has its validity period (up to 3 hours), and a new campaign is sent only after the previous expires ➡️ subscribers that had their devices off for some time, do not receive all the notifications with news that might be already outdated when they return online, instead they get only fresh information;
  • campaigns with local news are targeted to subscribers that live in the region ➡️ subscribers receive relevant information.


    🎯 Results

    Thanks to this approach average CTR of mass campaigns during the last 3 months was 3,2%. Some mass campaigns reached a CTR of more than 6%. Even though most campaigns were only valid for about 3 hours, the average delivery rate is 38%.


    In addition, about 73% of subscribers were active during the last 7 days. It means that over 91,000 subscribers visited the portal in the previous week.

    📢 Client’s opinion:

    PushPushGo is a great service. We are very satisfied with it. It is very easy and simple for our editorial team to use. PushPushGo support is really excellent. They respond fast and they often propose new suggestions.

    Denis Kunšt, Product manager @ Večernji list d.o.o.

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