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24sata increases users’ engagement with web push notifications - PushPushGo

July 11, 2022 is a Croatian daily news portal with an average of more than 800,000 daily real users. The portal is a part of STYRIA Media Group. It has a robust online presence on all social media platforms, with more than 1,6 million Facebook followers and 160,000 news app users. Also, with its original video content, 24sata became the leader in the online video market in Croatia.

The portal aims to be “as fast as the Internet”, bringing news to its readers asap and engaging the audience. The implementation of web push notifications in April 2022 was a step towards achieving those goals. 

“As a publisher, we were reaching a few goals [by implementing web push]:

  • promotion of instant content like urgent news, weather forecasts, etc.

  • share trending stories

  • get more engagement

  • increase the number of repeated visits to the site

  • engage with our content Subscribers"

Sandra Krunic,

Head of Product Development

Digital Performance & Development

24sata d.o.o.

👥 Subscribers

During the first two months of push notifications usage, the portal amassed over 260,000 subscribers.

📝 Challenge

24sata aims to instantly reach its readers with important news, thus keeping them engaged and making them return to the website regularly. 

💡 Solution

24sata tracks subscriber behavior on the site and tags them based on their interests and location. Thanks to this, they can send notifications with news and content tailored to user preferences. 

The portal sends regular web push campaigns, on average 3-4 per day.

Do you have any sending policy for web push notifications? How is it decided which news to promote with push notifications?

“We have a few rules which we stick to:

  • Send max 6 notifications a day

  • Send breaking news

  • Send weather warnings

We came to these rules after analyzing the performance of our push notification. The more we use the application, a few more rules are going to pop up.”

Sandra Krunic, Head of Product Development

In addition, when sending the campaigns, the portal specifies the expiration date for every campaign, enables Require Interaction mode, and adds Call to Action buttons.

🎯 Results

This approach allowed 24sata to receive impressive results in terms of user engagement.

Based on the campaigns sent during the first months of application usage, the average CTR of targeted campaigns was 37% higher than of mass campaigns.

The average CTR of manual campaigns is 3,55%. 

The average CTR of the campaigns with Require Interaction disabled during the analyzed period was 3,38%, while campaigns with Require Interaction enabled received 3,6%. 

Campaigns with call-to-action buttons received 68% higher CTR than campaigns without them.


One of the best campaigns sent by 24sata. CTR - 7,57%

How long did it take before you started noticing  the results of using web push, and which KPIs were affected?

“Almost immediately in some KPIs, in more visits and engagement.”

Sandra Krunic, Head of Product Development

📢 Client’s opinion

“We were having productive cooperation with clear and thoughtful communication. PushPushGo was helpful in heading us toward our goals. Always open to our ideas and giving us full support on it. 

If you are using web push smartly (analyzing the performance), it is a must-have functionality for publishers.”

Sandra Krunic, Head of Product Development

Industry Publishing
Goal Reach instantly readers with important news and increase retention.
Effect Higher engagement and number of visits.
Start testing push notifications
Publishing industry

24sata increases users’ engagement with web push notifications - PushPushGo

August 3 2023 6:51 PM

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