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The task of the selectors is to monitor the subscriber's behavior on your website and send this information to the PushPushGo application. They help you to accurately collect data such as:

  • The value of the order.

  • Number of products in the cart.

  • Clicking on action buttons like "Add to cart", "Pay".

  • Link to the last category.

  • Visited categories on the site.

The creation of selectors does not require technical knowledge. On the internet, you will find many free applications that will help you quickly and easily identify the right selector for various elements on a website.

Selectors that you will use are:

  • id

  • class

  • DOM tree

To define a selector, go to the Selectors tab.

For each selector, you have to define:

  • description - Give a name to the selector. It is visible only to you, in the application panel and in the Condition field of the automation scenario.

  • path to the element - Paste the exact path to the element on the page that you want to monitor.

  • action - Use this to determine the task of the selector.

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