IT and implementation company that creates and automates marketing and sales processes for the e-commerce industry.

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Magnuso provides IT solutions for marketing and sales. We focus on process automation using external and self-developed tools. We specialise in digital marketing for e-commerce, the creation and execution of campaigns, newsletters and push notifications. We optimize and automate processes to help our clients reach more subscribers with less cost and effort.

In response to the growing demand for the delivery of more and more push notifications, we developed a system to improve the entire process. Our solution allows for the automatic addition of graphics, text and dates, significantly reducing the time required to plan campaigns. We have introduced features that allow notifications to be personalised and tailored for periodic events. Our tools are fully adaptable and ready for future innovation.

We have built the infrastructure to support more than 25,000 push campaigns per month for sites in 25 countries around the world.

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