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A SaaS platform for media and publishers helping to create online engaging content.

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Ring Publishing is a modular platform for publishers and media to create and deliver the right content to the right audiences. The platform provides a pure SaaS experience, relieving the client of the burden of all tasks related to development, maintenance, and support and enabling them to focus on the core business activity, such as creating great stories for the readers. The guiding principle of the platform is to provide smart assistants and analytics, automating editors’ tasks at every stage of their work, such as guiding SEO, tagging, finding related articles, etc. The platform’s uniqueness is its proven technology for the automation of content publishing and its personalization for different segments of users, and its great scalability and reliability. All Ring Publishing modules can be used separately in Headless/API mode or integrated together. Ring Publishing is used by more than 60 brands and digital champions in Europe, Africa, and the US.

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