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Magnuso boosts ROI of their projects by 180-200% with web push notifications

February 20, 2024

Magnuso specialises in IT solutions for marketing and sales, with a primary focus on e-commerce digital marketing, creating campaigns, newsletters, and push notifications. Magnuso manages web push campaigns of a Polish publisher specializing in the promotion and broadcasting of advertisements on its own globally-reaching web portals. The company actively shapes the advertising landscape by connecting businesses with their target audiences worldwide through its diverse portfolio of 50 online platforms.

Magnuso initiated collaboration with PushPushGo in January 2022. Currently, Magnuso oversees over 28 projects on behalf of its’ client.

📝 Goals

Decrease the cost of new user acquisition. 

“Our main goal was to reduce the cost of acquiring new users. On the domains we serve, most of the traffic comes from paid channels (Google Adwords, Meta Ads or Microsoft Ads). When a new user, acquired in this way, subscribes to push notifications, their next visit will be much cheaper for us than in the case of paid channels. By working with PushPushGo, we have reduced the cost of a user's visit by an average of 90% compared to paid advertising campaigns.

Mikołaj Maciejewski
CEO @Magnuso

💡 Solution & Results

The company uses a default or one-click subscription form to collect web push subscribers, and this approach has demonstrated its effectiveness in constructing a robust subscriber database. As a result, at the end of 2023, there were over 3.3 million push subscribers across the projects of the group.

As the primary objective of the websites managed by Magnuso is to inform users about time-sensitive promotions and special occasions, web push mass campaigns serve as one of the principal methods to achieve this quickly and effectively.

“We noticed the first effects of the web push campaign after just 2 weeks. At first, it was small savings, looking at the whole market, but when the number of subscribers reached 5-7 thousand, the results became visible.”

Jakub Stańczyk
Business Analyst @Magnuso 

Throughout 2023, the company consistently sent mass campaigns, attracting an average monthly audience of over 2.4 million users who visited their websites through web push notifications.

web push notification magnuso roi

A web push campaign that was sent to all subscribers, informing them about promotions in Lidl supermarket in Croatia.

This resulted in over 28 million visits throughout the year. 

number of clicked web push notifications over the year

Number of clicked notifications per month across all projects in 2023

As a result, Magnuso observed a 50% surge in projects profitability, accompanied by a notable rise in the ROI metrics, ranging between 180-200%. This data underscores the effectiveness of the web push communication, indicating a significant impact on user engagement, conversion rates, and the overall performance of the projects.

“Web push is an effective tool for communicating with users. It significantly reduces the cost of acquiring website traffic and has a high conversion rate. Thanks to the use of web push, the profitability of our projects increased by 50%, and the ROI went up by 180-200%.”

Sławomir Paśmionka
Business Development Manager @ Magnuso

📢Client’s opinion:

“Our cooperation with PushPushGo is a story from customer to partner. We are currently one of PushPushGo's largest customers. We have implemented proprietary push campaign automation tool on our domains, which allows us to send an average of 50,000 campaigns per month. Our IT project has been running for 2 years now. During it we have struggled with some bugs, but our requests have never gone unheeded - the PushPushGo team solves all problems quickly and efficiently. We have constant good contact with the marketing department, Key account manager and technical department. PushPushGo listens to feedback and uses it to develop its product. We have now become a partner of the PushPushGo project and are optimistic about the future.”

Mikołaj Maciejewski
CEO @Magnuso

Industry Publishing
Goal Decrease the cost of new user acquisition.
Effect A 50% surge in projects profitability and a 180-200% increase in ROI.
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Publishing industry

Magnuso boosts ROI of their projects by 180-200% with web push notifications

February 20 2024 2:58 PM

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