Web push in digital publishing 2022 report

Report for digital publishers

Access our report on web push performance in digital publishing for 2022, which highlights crucial aspects of web push usage on various news portals worldwide.

Aleksandra Kozioł

Content Specialist @PushPushGo

As the world of online publishing changes, web push notifications remain a reliable tool to reach large audiences with tailored messages and persuasive prompts.

In this report, we present the most important aspects of web push usage across different news portals across the world. We share our insights, client opinions, and best practices to use the tools provided in the best possible way.

You will learn:

  • How the world's events affected overall web push performance

  • What are the best hours to send campaigns

  • Which additional push features improve the performance

  • What can we learn about subscribers to prepare better push campaigns

We hope the publication will inspire you to better utilize web push notifications in your newsroom. And if you're still considering implementing this channel, maybe it will serve as proof that push is right for you.

If you want to discuss some other aspects related to web push notifications usage in different areas of the online industry, contact us at hello@pushpushgo.com.

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