Web push performance in 2022 [e-commerce industry]

Report for e-commerce

Get our new report on web push performance in e-commerce, which presents key insights into the potential of web push notifications globally.

Olha Lypnytska

Growth Marketing Manager @PushPushGo

In 2022, we could continue to observe that web push technology being increasingly used by many online businesses, including e-commerce. It plays an important role in their digital marketing strategy and allows companies to diversify their communication channels.

In this report you will find:

  • What factors have influenced the e-commerce market in 2022?

  • What changes in browsers have impacted web push notifications in 2022?

  • How have subscriber preferences changed throughout the year?

  • How does Web Push CTR change based on different campaign settings?

  • What can we expect from web push technology in 2023?

We hope our report will help you to leverage web push notifications more effectively in your e-commerce. Moreover, if you are just considering implementing this channel, it could also serve as evidence that push notifications are a suitable fit for your business.

If you want to discuss other aspects related to the use of web push notifications in different areas of the online industry, contact us at hello@pushpushgo.com.

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