Promoting tours with web push. and PushPushGo

Tour operator Grecos offers its customers unforgettable trips and vacations. For years it has been using web push notifications, among other things, to do so. Listen to what Michał Cieśla has to say about our partnership and his experience using push notifications from PushPushGo.

Can you tell us about Grecos and your work for the company?

Grecos is one of the leading tour operators on the Polish market when it comes to summer travel. We specialize in Greek holidays. We offer various trips to Greece because as a company we are big fans of the country. We like to share our passion and it is our company’s mission.

I have been working in Grecos for a few years now. I work in marketing. I am responsible for graphics and visual conceptions, and, since recently, e-commerce. 

You have been using push notifications since November 2019. What goals do they help you achieve and when do they work best?

The good thing about web push communications is that it functions practically without any human input - thanks to you. Thanks to PushPushGo we can take advantage of push possibilities, the main one being that it’s unobtrusive but at the same time effective in reaching the client. We can see it in our statistics. Push helps us in many cases and it’s a truly useful tool. I personally wasn’t convinced when it comes to push notifications, but after a while, I noticed its benefits. And from what I can see, our clients, visitors, followers - whatever you may call the traffic on the website - use web push willingly, We’re happy with this additional communications channel. 

What are the key points of your web push strategy?

Thanks to you, we can use suggested pre-prepared scenarios, which help us in remarketing, promoting special offers, or getting the clients to learn about specific elements of our proposal. We have those sorts of campaigns and much more that allow us to reach our clients in different cases. We also use more standard campaigns in our everyday activities to reach interested parties who want to see our content and gather more information. 

What is your opinion on web push as a communication channel?

Push communication has the advantage of being available in practically every browser, both on mobile and desktop devices, on practically every platform we employ to generate traffic. Web push is universal, versatile, easy to use, and incredibly effective - and that’s very important for us. 

How would you rate your experience working with PushPushGo?

My experiences with PushPushGo have been very positive. You have a team of young people who evidently like the product they’re working on. You’re not shy to speak highly of its possibilities and know it inside out. This enthusiasm is contagious and after each workshop and meeting, we’re using web push more. As for the tool, it's easy to use and doesn’t require much thought. If someone used other web push applications in the past and knows their way around administrative panels, they will have no problem with switching to PushPushgo. I think it’s a great investment that brings many new possibilities. We have access to a large database of our subscribers’ statistics. Depending on how the tools are implemented, you can get a lot of interesting information.

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