Web push on the national news portal. Radio ZET and PushPushGo

Push notifications are a great solution for any publisher who wants to quickly inform about a plane crash, a controversial decision of a politician or new inflation data. In such cases they work best, but I can imagine that they can also be a "fishing rod" to attract users to an online store, for example, says Lukasz Sawala, Managing and Executive Online Editor at Radio ZET.

Can you give us an overview of Radio ZET and your role in the company?

Radio ZET is not only one of the largest radio stations in Poland but also the radiozet.pl website which is visited by several million Poles each month (according to Google Analytics). 

I am in charge of the online editorial department of this website, which reports on the most important events from Poland and the world. In addition to keeping our finger on the pulse and reporting on political events, we also cover sports, health, travel, show business, and lifestyle.

What prompted you to implement web push notifications? Were you aiming to achieve specific goals?

For a long time, we were looking for a solution that is stable and efficient. In our work, we want to deliver news to our audience as quickly as possible. An additional challenge was the scale of the venture - we currently have several million people signed up for push notifications in all our subscriber databases. Our goal is to draw them to our website. Thanks to an extensive analytics panel - as well as special reports ordered from PushPushGo on request - we are able to continuously optimize, among other things, the CTR of our notifications. 

How did the implementation process of web push go? Was the process easy, or did you encounter any obstacles?

The entire implementation process went quickly and smoothly. No problems occurred during it. What's more - thanks to the fast contact with our PushPushGo account manager, any additional change we need after the implementation happens without unnecessary delay.

How long did it take before you noticed the results? Which KPIs improved? Can you estimate these changes?

We noticed the changes almost immediately, and the most gratifying thing is the fact of increasing open rates of push notifications. By analyzing the data, we are able to quickly draw conclusions and implement them into our daily work. In our case, the PushPushGo tool is accessed by dozens of people whose work we are able to constantly monitor. 

In what situations do push notifications work best? What type of content is best promoted with notifications?

Push notifications are a great solution for any publisher who wants to quickly inform about an airplane crash, a controversial politician's decision or new inflation figures, and in such cases they work best. But I am able to imagine that they can also be a "fishing rod" to attract users to, for example, an online store that has introduced some kind of promotion or is trying to encourage a long-lost customer to return to the site. PushPushGo also has an option for automatic notifications, which once set up, are sent automatically within the specific scenario to the right recipients. This is very helpful and saves a lot of time.

How would you rate your experience with PushPushGo so far?

In about a year of cooperation, we have never had any problems with communication. We have our own account manager, who not only responds very quickly to our needs (e.g., setting up new accounts and user accesses) but also takes the initiative himself and makes suggestions on what could be improved or at least tested to optimize the results of our campaigns.

Łukasz Sawala - head of Radio ZET's online editorial department for almost 8 years, responsible for a team of editors and journalists. Previously, he ran portals at ZPR Media, among others, and was also a journalist in local and newspaper editorials.

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