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Sector - e-commerce.

Essential Nutrition is a company that specializes in functional nutrition. Conceived in Brazil in 2011, Essential Nutrition today already operates in more than 10 countries. There are already more than 80 products, such as nutritional supplements, superfoods, clinical line, and accessories.

Essential Nutrition is the first Brazilian supplement brand to enter Whole Foods UK (largest supermarket chain of healthy products in the world) and is awarded as the Most Innovative Company in the supplement industry 2014/2015 by the Supplementation Magazine Award - Expo Nutrition.

Essential Nutrition and web push

What problems do push notifications help you solve?

Push notifications help us impact and connect with our base in a more intimate way and at different times and moments of the day, since most of our Pushpushgo base receives our mobile communications in their notification center. It is also a media that we can control in a more dynamic and agile way for instant communications because it requires little effort in the matter of layout and text. 

For us it was mainly an easier and more economical alternative to sending SMS, besides being more aligned to the current context of low consumption of SMS by the public. We use it to communicate our product launches, product returns to stock, new blog posts, new recipes on our youtube channel, among others.

How long did it take to see the first results and in which KPIs did you notice an influence?

We noticed the first results about 1 month after starting to use it, when we gathered a larger base of registrations. Major influences were observed in the traffic of returned users on our site with a very low bounce rate, especially in times of commercial actions like Black Friday. This traffic also generates an interesting proportion of purchases on the site. 

What is your experience so far with PushPushGo?

Our experience has been very fluid and smooth, the staff and support have always been very helpful. 

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