Web push in the telecommunication company. Iskon and PushPushGo

We spoke with Dunja Nekić, an Assistant in the Brand and Marketing Communication Department at Iskon, a Croatian telecommunications company. Together with her colleagues, she is also in charge of push communication at Iskon. Using the opportunity we asked Dunja about her experience in this area.

Can you give us an overview of Iskon and your role in the company?

Iskon is a modern telecommunications company based in Zagreb, Croatia that is recognized for offering broadband services on the market, adjusted in price and quality to the user’s requirements since 1997. We are also a brand known for its competence and flexibility, but also for its friendly approach to users. While constantly monitoring new technologies and with knowledge, Iskon is creating innovative services for everyone who follows digital trends. At the moment, I am a team member of Brand and Marketing Communication Department and I am mostly working with PushPushGo application through Iskon’s website.

What prompted you to implement push notifications on your websites? What goals did you want to achieve?

Our primary goal was to increase the number of users through the web channel, and we recognized PushPushGo as a simple and practical tool that allows us to segment our website visitors in more detailed divisions according to their interests, which allows us to offer them deals and services that they are really interested in.

How did the implementation of web push go? Was the process easy, or did you encounter any obstacles?

Implementation went very easily because we received fantastic support from PushPushGO. First, we were sceptical about the implementation process because those are processes that can be very problematic, but it took only a few minutes and it happened with no problems at all.

How long did it take before you noticed the results? Which KPIs improved? Can you estimate these changes?

First results were shown very quickly. PushPushGo sometimes, can give us first results in even 15 minutes if we set it that way in the app. But the most representative results we have noticed during the first two months. The KPI was shown in number of new customers that decided to take our TV or internet service through PushPushGo campaign.

How can you characterize your web push subscribers? Can you notice any behaviors in them not typical for your audience in other channels?

Our web push subscribers are smart shoppers who are flexible, smart and they know how to save and catch good deals. They are very rational and they know what to choose for the best value for money.

Our target in general is very digitally aware and because of that, web push campaigns got in really well and are giving fantastic results.

In what cases do web push notifications work best?

Web push notifications work the best when it comes to campaigns where we always have something new to offer and it is a great way to inform our customers immediately. For example, currently, we are informing our customers about giving sweaters, blankets and slippers with every TV service purchase and we have a tempting number of clicks through PushPushGo campaigns. At the moment, we have more than 32 000 subscribers that we got just through web push campaigns.

What is your sending strategy for web push? Which features do you find the most useful?

There are a lot of interesting features, but one of them is that reports are shown in groups and it is very easy to read and make conclusions out of them. Furthermore, the benefit is also the ease of campaign management. We can easily change the settings of campaigns if we see that something is not working or if we want to strengthen the campaign. Also, there is a feature A and B test that can show us in the first 15 minutes which push campaign is having a better performance.
Sending strategy mostly depends on the actions and offers we have at that moment, but we constantly have few active pushes on our website.

What is your opinion of web push as a communication channel?

It is a very successful and productive communication tool that is very handy to use. Furthermore, the benefit is that users give their consent to be contacted, which means that they are already interested in the offer and have been on our website. Because of that, we already know what to offer them. In addition, the tool has the ability to set up automatic campaigns by default so that we don't have to set up campaigns every day. It is also fantastic because of its speed, simplicity in creating, managing and monitoring campaigns and that is a huge advantage. Not so many communication tools allow such a level of independence.

How would you rate your experience with PushPushGo so far?

Experience with PushPushGo so far is very positive. We are very satisfied with the performance and results we got.

Also, support is fast and amazing. Every time we got some questions, our accountant Przemek is here to answer as soon as he can. We continued to use PushPushGo after test campaigns and it become our standard tool to use for every sales and marketing campaign. We truly highly recommend PushPushGo!

Dunja Nekić is a team member of Brand and Marketing Communications Department in Iskon, which is a telecommunication company in Croatia.

Dunja has over 5 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, considering that she started working in telecommunications sales very early during her studies in Communication Science and she continued her professional growth in telecommunications. She, with her team members is mostly responsible for web and digital marketing activities, including PushPushGo campaigns.

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