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Increase customer retention in your e-store

Last updated - May 28, 2024

Many volumes are written about the importance of customer retention and the benefits of building customer loyalty. Experts generally agree that re-engaging the existing client base is cheaper than acquiring new buyers. Returning customers tend to spend more on their purchases and are more willing to try new products once their trust in a brand is established.

With over  26.5 million e-commerce sites worldwide, intense competition makes it hard for retailers to attract the same shoppers to their stores more than once. But there are ways of building retention and customer loyalty through well-maintained, cost-effective communication. 


  • increase customer retention rate

  • increase revenue generated by repeated customers

Push automation and customer return rate

ecommerce customer retention

The PushPushGo app gathers specific data about subscribers’ interactions with the website or application. This includes:

  • The date of the last visit

  • The number of days since the last visit

  • Details of categories, subcategories, or products the subscriber has recently viewed

With this data, the application can deliver personalized automatic notifications. We also suggest integrating the scenario with your product feed. It will allow you to customize the notifications with photos and details of the last viewed products, enhancing the user experience.

The average CTR of this scenario is 5,11%.

Handy advice

It is important to adjust timing to the customer's purchasing cycle in your industry. We buy differently from FCMG stores than electronics retailers. 

In the first situation, it is possible to assume that the customer buys groceries at least once a week. In the latter case, how many times a year does a person need a new TV or a washing machine? 

As a result, FMCG companies can profit from linking to the last-visited category, while electronics businesses should rather focus on current promotions or Best Sellers.

You can send your subscribers a small reminder linking to recent updates (for example to new arrivals) or the most attractive offers.

ecommerce special offers for retention push notifications

Make sure the content of your push notifications is always somewhat useful to your subscribers (for example, weekly reminders to help with their shopping lists). 

ecommerce push notifications retention

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