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8 reasons why to add web push notifications to your marketing strategy in 2023

Last updated - November 23 2023 11:48 PM
Aleksandra Kozioł
Reading time - 6 min
Web push

8 reasons why to add web push notifications to your marketing strategy in 2023

Last updated - November 23, 2023
Aleksandra Kozioł
6 min Read

January is still good for making plans concerning your marketing activities in 2023 and beyond. Have you considered adding push notifications to the mix? What we especially like about them is that they are so universal – almost any company can leverage push notifications to grow its online presence. Sounds interesting? Well, read on!

As an online entrepreneur, your goal is to grow visibility online, stay in touch with customers, and grow sales using various techniques and tools. Push notifications can help you with all that! It’s a very effective way of reaching your website visitors and turning them into regular customers.

Let’s see why the web push is a good choice when it comes to marketing communication in 2023.

Reason 1: Stay in touch with customers

Today, with so much going on every day, your customers can simply forget about your company and stop using its products or services even though it wasn’t their intention. One way to deal with this problem is to stay in touch with your customers. 

Push notifications it is a quick and effective way to communicate with your audience. Push notifications can be sent as mass or targeted campaigns. The latter option works best when you want to reach only specific segments that can be created based on their behavior, activity, or geolocation.

web push segmentation

Not only can you stay in touch via blast campaigns, but you can also set up automatic reminders.

Reason 2: Automation

No one likes tedious, mundane tasks. Sending emails or messages to every person manually takes a lot of time and work. Thankfully, there’s automation! Pushes can be automated, meaning you don’t have to manually create and approve every message. You can create scenarios that are activated every time a user takes a specified action.

Welcome-onboard messages can be sent automatically to everyone who will give consent to receive them, with no involvement from your side. Similarly, you can automate many more messages.

web push automations
web push abandoned cart

The more data about your users you collect, the more automated scenarios you can create. Usually, they are activated in response to specific triggers (events) on your website. Such triggers can comprise:

  • Leaving the website with unfinished order

  • Sending a contact form

  • Downloading an ebook

  • Signing up for the loyalty program etc.

Read more about automation in web push in our user guide.

Reason 3: Build a database of loyal subscribers faster

Because of the simplicity of the sign-up process (just one click) and the fact that no personal information needs to be provided, users are more likely to agree to receive notifications.

One of our clients in the e-commerce sector with 2 million monthly website visitors built a database of over 100,000 subscribers within just 3 months after implementing web push notifications, and it continues to grow.

Pro-Tip: The default one-click browser subscription form is one of the best ways to get new subscribers quickly.

Lara Majcan from Bijelić Co., an authorized distributor for brands such as Xiaomi and Amazfit for the CEE Region, added: “Looking at the previous year up until now, our push subscribers have tripled in numbers. We have seen a steady increase month by month. ” 

Reason 4: Personalize communication without violating users’ privacy

Only a small percentage of site visitors have left their email addresses, phone numbers or other contact information. About 98% stay anonymous. 

The web push subscription process is fairly simple and fast, so users are more likely to sign up. Moreover, with web push notifications, each person subscribing to notifications receives a unique string, called SubscriberID. So, the user remains anonymous, and at the same time, the web push technology allows tracking the subscribers' behavior on the website and personalizing the communication based on their interests.

Reason 5: Prepare yourself for the world without third-party cookies

Google plans to phase out third-party cookies in the Chrome browser by 2024. Cookies help marketers gain detailed insight into their audience's activity online, optimize their advertising, and maximize ROI. The elimination of third-party cookies may present new challenges for companies that rely heavily on them for their marketing efforts.

Web push notification technology does not collect cookies. It is based on the use of service workers in the browser, which means that recipients are identified by the browser they use. Thanks to this, after the user gives consent to receive notifications, we are still able to reach them with a relevant message without collecting third-party cookies.

The removal of third-party cookies further underscores the significance of establishing and nurturing your own database of subscribers. It becomes increasingly crucial to have direct access to a loyal and engaged audience in the absence of relying on third-party data. Building your own subscriber database allows you to have a direct line of communication with your target audience, enabling personalized and tailored interactions. To delve deeper into this topic, we have prepared an article that explores the importance of building your own subscriber database.

Reason 6: Stronger involvement

With push notifications, you can easily engage more users in communication with you. For example, every new user can get a welcome notification. In the same way, you can distribute promo codes, vouchers, thank-you messages, and we-miss-you messages. It’s all a question of your creativity. The more reasons to connect with your users you have, the more engaged they are. Just don’t go overboard with this; you don’t want a spammer label, do you?

web push welcome message

Pro-Tip: Set up a daily limit on the number of notifications that one subscriber can receive. Capping will help not overwhelm your subscribers with a number of push messages. 

Reason 7: Improve customer retention 

Sending regular web push mass and targeted campaigns and using web push automation will increase return traffic to your website. One of our e-commerce clients generated over 500K return visits with web push notifications in nine months.

web push retention

An increase in retention rate also confirms Lara Majcan from Bijelić Co.: “We also have a high retention rate, which we value since there are genuine fans of our products and not just visitors passing by.” 

It is not a secret that returning customers are worth more. They spend 67% more on average than those who are new to your business. In this case, web push will be a great addition to your marketing strategy that will help to build stronger relationships with your regular customers.

Reason 8: Boost your conversion and support your online sales

If you operate in the e-commerce sector, web push is a goldmine of opportunities. With them, you can:

  • Distribute promo codes

  • Inform about special offers (e.g., free delivery)

  • Rescue abandoned carts

  • Add upselling and cross-selling to your strategy

  • Show personalized product recommendations

web push conversion

Tymoteusz Wiśniowski, Project Owner at Mi-Home, the largest official Xiaomi online store in Poland, after four years of using web push notifications, said: “ The group of customers subscribed to push notifications is one of the best converting groups, especially after implementing additional retargeting campaigns. We estimate that without notifications of this type, our sales would have dropped from 5% to as much as 8%.” 

Add push notifications to your marketing strategy!

The truth is, even the first two reasons are good enough to give web push a try. With our help, you don’t need much. PushPushGo offers a ready-made platform that enables you to use push notifications in your various marketing and sales activities. The next step is simple – create an account on our platform and get acquainted with our platform. 

If you need to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team is at your service!

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