Top 6 fashion retailers in Europe and their great marketing campaigns

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Top 6 fashion retailers in Europe and their great marketing campaigns

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Fashion is not just about what we wear. It’s so much more! Through clothes and accessories, we express our lifestyle, beliefs, and aspirations. The way we dress represents who we are and who we want to be. That’s why fashion brands have a tremendous potential to promote their collections and way of thinking. You can get immense customer interest and engagement with a properly conducted campaign. Eventually, it all translates into the growth of sales and placed orders.

In this article, we are going to show you six European fashion brands and some of their most interesting campaigns. Sometimes, we feature something we deem inspiring, and sometimes, you will see a project that was very successful marketing and business-wise. Let’s get right to it!

European fashion campaigns that are worth your attention


This British high-end brand needs no introduction. In late 2020, they conducted an interesting campaign supporting the “voices of tomorrow”. Here’s how they put it: “The campaign itself fosters a community – bringing together different creative spheres and juxtaposing figures from fashion, dance and sport. Dynamic, diverse and free, it is a unified world – a Burberry universe”. That campaign was all about youth, exploring, and creativity but also about supporting different communities to build a better future. Read more about this campaign.


Image source: Burberry


When it comes to European online fashion marketplaces, Zalando is an undisputed leader. They have over 48 million active customers in 23 markets, offering clothing, footwear, accessories, and even beauty products. In mid-2021, Zalando launched a new campaign called Activists of Optimism. It was supported by a 360° marketing initiative, the Festival Of Optimism, a series of events and visual displays in key European markets culminating in the Longest Day of Optimism on June 21. The timing was essential here. Zalando wanted to celebrate the season of hope and optimism by making people smile and providing them with a stage to express optimism freely. This was especially important in 2021, after over a year of covid-related restrictions and lockdowns. Read more here.


Image source: Zalando


This clothing company started a major rebranding campaign in early 2022. Their goal is to attract new customers, especially the younger audience to the brand. Their new marketing campaign is called “Be Your Own BOSS” and it features a new logo for their core brand, BOSS. There is also a comprehensive rebranding across all touchpoints. According to Daniel Grieder, the company’s CEO, “With the branding refresh and the release of the star-studded campaigns, we are ushering in an entirely new era for BOSS and HUGO. It is our aim to excite new and younger target groups and turn them into fans of our brands.

Here, you can watch one of the commercials made for this huge rebranding project:


It’s a Polish producer of sporting clothing established in 2003. 4F offers sports, tourism, and casual clothing as well as many accessories. The company works with many renowned athletes, including Robert Lewandowski (footballer), Paulina Fialkova (biathlete), and Łukasz Kubot (tennis player). Additionally, this company made clothes for Olympic athletes representing Poland, Slovakia, and Lithuania in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. In one of their latest campaigns called “true to yourself”, 4F encourages people to follow their dreams and ambitions by showing examples of Polish athletes and their challenging beginnings.


Image source: 4F


It’s the biggest Czech online store with fashion, cosmetics, and accessories. They offer several hundred brands, and they hire over 250 employees. Today, Vivantis is tirelessly working on expanding their presence to other European markets. Recently, they’ve gone through a major redesign of their brand and store. With the help of the Czech YYY Agency, they:

  • Redesigned their online store
  • Created new and put more emphasis on the visual content
  • Conducted several brand-building campaigns


Image source: YYY Agency

According to the YYY Agency, such an approach produced some significant results. The Vivantis brand experienced a 26% increase in brand awareness and over a 100% increase in organic traffic. Not bad result at all!


It’s an online shopping club available only to the members (the registration is free). Limango operates in Poland and Germany, and it features temporary offers to buy products from selected brands (e.g., Geox, Wrangler, Triumph, Crocs, GAP, and many more), up to 80% below the regular price. Their marketing campaigns revolve around specific product categories that are discounted at the particular moment. For instance, recently, Limango was promoting handbags:


Summary: Don’t stand still!

If you want to attract customers and operate in the fashion world, you have to evolve continually. Fashion is one of the most dynamic industries ever, and brands that want to succeed here have to carefully observe and even create market trends. Plus, you always need effective ways to reach potential customers. And that’s where our role begins.

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