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Web push is coming to iOS - key factors

Last updated - September 13 2023 9:36 AM
Aleksandra Kozioł
Reading time - 2 min
Web push

Web push is coming to iOS - key factors

Last updated - September 13, 2023
Aleksandra Kozioł
2 min Read

The change is just around the corner - the iOS update to iOS 16.4 brings web push notifications to iPhones and iPads. It means websites finally will be able to communicate via push with their Apple-wielding users. What should you know? 

Web push usage on mobile devices

The statistics don't lie - over 80% of web push subscribers receive notifications on their mobile devices. Their browsers of choice are Chrome and Samsung Browser.

web push subscribers

In 2022, Android was the mobile industry leader, with 71.8% of the market share. Apple holds second place, with 27.6%. It means that the latest update gives web push senders access to a large group of additional subscribers.

web push by mobile system

Mobile operating systems' market share worldwide from 1st quarter 2009 to 4th quarter 2022, source: Statista

Changes in iOS update

For many years, Apple developers shunned web push notifications, not allowing them in iOS. It began to shift by dropping the certificates previously required for web push in the Safari browser. Now the changes will happen on the mobile operating system. 

The iOS 16.4, currently in beta, adds web push support. However, there are some differences between the Apple system and Android. The notifications will be sent when the user:

  • agrees to receive them in a subscription form - just like in Android and other operating systems

  • adds the website to the main screen of the device

With this caveat comes a specific disadvantage - not everyone will be willing to add new elements to their home screens. Other users may even remain unaware of this mechanism. In the longer perspective, the developers may change this rule to allow a more traditional approach to web push notifications. 

Are you ready for web push on iOS?

The new changes in iOS are proof that web push is a technology not to be ignored. If you want to learn more about implementing the notifications on your site, or maybe you’re looking for mobile push solutions for an app, contact us at hello@pushpushgo.com 

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