Building a subscriber database and following their interests in ecommerce

1. Problem overview

71% of consumers are concerned about how companies use their personal data. In addition, GDPR regulation has made it more difficult for retailers to collect customer contact information. 

Along with this, the importance of personalization and its impact on eCommerce businesses is growing. According to SalesForce research, 62% of consumers expect companies to send personalized offers or discounts.

So, how can you provide your customers with a personalized experience without asking them to give personal information?

2. Goals

  • build database of engaged subscribers
  • improve customer experience and build loyalty
  • enrich knowledge about customers needs
  • provide customers with the most relevant and personalized product offers by tracking user behavior on the website

3. Web push automation for building a subscriber base and tracking user interests

As soon as the user becomes a subscriber, the web push platform is able to track their behavior on the site. Every new subscriber gets a unique id that makes it possible for the system to identify them.

Among other things, the web push platform tracks the following information:

  • visited categories / subcategories
  • visited categories / subcategories within X days
  • purchase path and the moment of shopping cart abandonment
  • the value of the basket
  • the number of products in the basket
  • action button clicks (Buy, Add to cart, Add to wishlist, etc.)
  • date of the last visit
  • number of visits within X days

Thanks to the collected information, it is possible to create various web push automation scenarios, encouraging the subscriber to make a purchase. Depending on subscriber behavior you can:

4. Handy Advice

Please note that the best results are obtained by using notifications sent no later than two hours after the subscriber has browsed a given category. In addition, notifications containing a photo of the viewed product will have a 6% higher CTR.

For example, based on visited categories, you can send your subscribers web push notifications directing them to the most attractive offers from that category.

5. Why web push notifications?

Web push notifications are a new and highly effective tool that allows you to send personalized messages directly to subscriber desktops in the response to their activity on the site.

The CTR for web push automation campaigns sent, based on users interests, is 11,3%.

6. Benefit from our experience

Find out why 95% of customers stay with us.

Whether you are already an experienced web push marketer or are just considering implementing this communication channel, our dedicated Strategy Department is at your disposal. 

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