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Mi-Home.pl increases sales by more than 5% with web push notifications - PushPushGo

January 23, 2023

Mi-Home.pl has been using web push notifications to communicate with its customers for more than three years. Tymoteusz Wiśniowski, Project Owner at Mi-Home, told us about his experience and the results achieved.

"Mi-Home.pl is the first and currently the largest official Xiaomi online store in Poland, in operation since 2019. In 2022, the store received the IT Champions 2022 award in the E-Commerce category for the best online store in Poland.".

In November 2019, Mi-Home.pl implemented web push notifications on the website.

"The implementation process was lightning fast, and the PushPushGo integration itself is extremely simple and limited to two simple steps. The tests went well and after the integration process we focused on developing the types of campaigns and optimizing the messages we deliver."

👥 Subscribers

Since the implementation of web push notifications, more than 90,000 visitors of the site have agreed to receive notifications from Mi-Home.pl.

mi-home web push subscribers

According to Tymoteusz Wiśniowski, subscribers of the push channel are people focused on the speed of the information provided - they want to receive it here and now. This puts the company in much closer contact with Mi Fans, i.e. customers who like or identify themselves with the Xiaomi brand in Poland.

📝 Challenge

Build brand awareness and reach customers through web push notifications.

"We wanted to make the most of push notifications to build brand awareness, inform customers about new products and promotions on Mi-Home.pl, and have the ability to target notifications to groups of customers within our stationary stores."

💡 Solution

Mi-Home.pl regularly sends 2-3 mass campaigns per week, during the evening hours when the brand's customers are most active. 

“[Push notifications work best] when we have to communicate the launch of a significant promotional campaign or we are launching a product that, from our perspective, is likely to appeal to a wide audience."

mi-home web push notifications

In addition to mass campaigns, Mi-Home.pl also uses automation scenarios to rescue abandoned shopping carts, send reminders of recently viewed products, promote special offers for people who have just entered the site, etc.

Within the automation scenario, the sending of a push notification is triggered by the subscriber's actions on the site. For example, if he or she adds a product to the shopping cart, but leaves the page without finalizing the purchase, the subscriber will receive a notification reminding of the initiated transaction. To further personalize the notifications that the user receives, Mi-Home.pl also uses a Product Feed. As a result, the notifications include details about the products that subscribers have previously viewed.

To avoid overwhelming subscribers with push notifications, the company has also implemented Daily Capping - a limit on the number of notifications that one subscriber can receive per day.

"Our strategy is based on sending no more than 2-3 pushes per week, mostly during the evening hours, when traffic to the site is highest. On top of that, there are various push automation campaigns, set with a maximum limit of one display per day per subscriber. We try not to 'spam' our customers, but to give them the most important information from the Xiaomi world."

🎯 Results

Automation scenarios recorded high results. The best scenarios based on CTR results achieved are:

  • Abandoned cart with Product Feed - 11,22%,

  • Don't hesitate, buy now! - 10,05%,

  • Abandoned cart - 9,19%.

For example, in the last quarter of 2022 alone, Mi-Home sent more than 1 million push notifications in both mass campaigns and automation scenarios, which contributed to increased sales.

How long did it take before you noticed results? Which KPIs have improved? Can you estimate these changes?

It's hard for us to find a starting point, because it was only with PushPushGo when we approached the topic of web pushes in a more thoughtful way. We have certainly built a new medium of contact with our customers much faster, reducing the time from the moment we launch a promotion to the moment we inform about it on user devices. In addition, we have seen a much faster growth in the push user database than with the newsletter database, probably due to the simplicity of subscription. The group of customers subscribed to push notifications is one of the best converting groups, especially after implementing additional retargeting campaigns. We estimate that without notifications of this type, our sales would have dropped from 5% to as much as 8%.

📢 Client's opinion

“Built-in tools provide great possibilities for communication. The ability to customize the appearance, buttons, automations, and especially target groups makes push a very expedient tool for communicating with our store's customers.

In four years of using the tool, we have not had a situation with any technical problems, which is extremely rare in this field.

Sending of push campaigns happens without problems, the interface is consistent, clear and uncluttered. A huge advantage is also the excellent communication with the PushPushGo team, which is always willing to help or implement further solutions to improve results.”

Tymoteusz Wiśniowski,
Project Owner at Mi-Home 

Industry E-commerce
Goal Build brand awareness and reach new and potential customers.
Effect Increased sales at least by 5%.
Start testing push notifications
E-commerce industry

Mi-Home.pl increases sales by more than 5% with web push notifications - PushPushGo

August 3 2023 7:25 PM

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