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A1 Slovenija increases website traffic with web push notifications - PushPushGo

September 5, 2022

A1 Slovenija is a privately-owned provider of comprehensive communication services in Slovenia. The company has over 600 employees that take care of the needs of more than 800,000 users. A1 Slovenija has been present on the market since 1999 as the first Slovenian private mobile operator. Now, A1 Slovenija is a part of the international telecommunications group - A1 Telekom Austria Group. The company aims to provide its users with meaningful communication solutions that meet their needs. 

That’s why in March 2022 the company implemented web push notifications from PushPushGo. 

What were the goals you wanted to achieve by implementing web push?

“We at A1 Slovenia have used a similar platform before but were not as happy with the functionalities that it provided us. By implementing PushPushGo we achieved better results, have more insight into analytics, and therefore we are able to send better campaigns.”

Katarina Keše
Product Manager @ A1 Slovenija

👥 Subscribers

In the first month, A1 Slovenija collected over 20,000 subscribers.

📝 Challenge

Reach more users and build relationships with current, new, and potential customers.

💡 Solution

In their web push marketing strategy the company is using a complex approach - sends regular manual campaigns, does A/B tests, and implements a number of automation scenarios.

“We have implemented automated campaigns and also send weekly A/B test pushes. Both the automated campaigns and push campaigns perform well, while automated campaigns are, because of their personalization, usually better in the CTR aspect.”

Katarina Keše
Product Manager @ A1 Slovenija

🎯 Results

From the start, the company enabled a few automation scenarios.

Within the web push automation scenario the notification is sent automatically in response to the user’s behavior on the site. 

Here are the top three automation scenarios of A1 Slovenija:

  • Welcome message (CTR - 10,81%). The trigger is the subscription to the notifications. 

  • Promotion of the mobile application (CTR - 8,91%). Subscribers that entered the site using a mobile device two hours later receive a notification encouraging them to download the mobile app. 

Users that downloaded an app view more products per session, have a higher add-to-cart rate, and ultimately convert at a 130% higher rate (Source: Buildfire).

  • Abandoned cart (CTR - 8,39%). After subscribers abandon their carts they receive two reminders to complete their unfinished transactions. 

Besides automation scenarios, the telecom sends regular mass campaigns. The average CTR for mass campaigns is 5,81%.

In order to know their subscribers and receive better results, A1 Slovenija also does A/B tests.

A1 web push notifications ab tests

These actions resulted in an increase in website traffic.

“After the implementation of web push notifications] our base started to grow fairly quickly and also our results were seen almost instantly. Our most affected KPI is Site traffic.”

Katarina Keše
Product Manager @ A1 Slovenija

📢 Client’s opinion

“Web push is a useful additional channel for communication with our users. We believe that good brand recognition comes from using multiple communication channels, online and offline that complement each other. One of them for A1 Slovenia is the web push.

We would recommend PushPushGo as a service for push notifications. The platform itself is easy to use, it supports many different options and services. We especially love the analytics part and the A/B test part of the platform.”

Katarina Keše
Product Manager @ A1 Slovenija

Industry Telecom
Goal Reach more users and build relationships with them.
Effect Increase in website traffic.
Start testing push notifications
Telecommunication industry

A1 Slovenija increases website traffic with web push notifications - PushPushGo

August 3 2023 7:01 PM

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