Optimizing conversions of paid subscriptions in the publishing industry

1. Problem

Paid content on news sites seems to be part of an unavoidable future for those publishers who want to monetize effectively and increase revenue. As a 2017 Linkedin study shows, putting these changes into practice can be a big challenge.

It turns out that only 12% of respondents in the study considered the use of paid content. 76% of them declared that they did not intend to use this strategy in the following year.

Just like abandoned carts, the paid subscription process itself can be optimized so that as many customers as possible actually complete the transaction. For content publishers, web push notifications can be helpful in this situation.

2. Goals of using web push notifications to increase the number of paid subscribers

  • informing customers about paid subscriptions in the form of a mass notification campaigns
  • reminder of abandoned shopping carts and leading subscribers back to their carts
  • encouraging customers to finalize their purchases through a standard reminder or special benefits such as discounts
  • optimization of the purchase path by detecting the moment of transaction abandonment

3. Web push automation for optimizing paid subscription conversions

1. Thanks to tracking user behavior on the site, web push platforms detect an abandoned transaction on the site and analyze:



- price of products in the cart

-amount of time that has passed since the transaction was abandoned

-stage at which the transaction was abandoned

4. Good practices

The most effective notifications reminding customers about an abandoned transaction are sent a maximum of 20 minutes after the subscriber exits the site. If it fails, the notification can also be retried the next day.

When setting automatic notifications for abandoned transactions, pay attention to how long the subscription has been stored in the basket. The notification should contain a direct link to finalize the order. For example, if it directs users to the very beginning of the process, this will reduce the effectiveness of the campaign.

Also, note at what stage transactions are most often abandoned. This can be an additional tip to optimize the purchase process itself on the site.

Sample notifications for optimizing paid subscriptions:

5. Why web push notifications?

Web push notifications are a new and highly effective tool for optimizing the conversion of paid content subscriptions, and thus increasing profits on your website.

The CTR for web push campaigns saving such transactions is 11%.

6. Take advantage of our experience

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