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Home&you is one of the largest importers and distributors of home furnishings in Poland, present on the market for over 30 years. Currently, home&you has almost 150 showrooms throughout the country and an online store home-you.com. The company cooperates with the largest manufacturers from Poland, other European Union countries and Asia.

In July 2022, the company implemented web push notifications.

"Purposes of the web push implementation on home-you.com were, among other things: 

  • Increasing our audience base through a new, previously untapped communication channel.
  • Willingness to offer customers an additional communication channel that could prove to be a more convenient place to follow our marketing messages.
  • Additional source of revenue from marketing campaigns.”

Oliwia Socha
Marketing Automation Specialist

👥 Subscribers

The base of subscribers exceeded 100K during the first three months and is constantly growing with an average increase of 40% per month.

web push subscribers home and you

📝 Goal

Increase sales and reach a new audience with a marketing message through the new channel. 

💡 Solution

Home&you sends an average of 6-8 mass and targeted campaigns per month, with which they promote the store's current offerings online as well as in stationary stores. These campaigns are responsible for 58%-66% of all traffic generated by web push.

In addition to mass campaigns, home&you has also implemented automation scenarios that allow personalized messages to be sent in response to the actions of a specific subscriber. These include: 

  • welcome message,
  • abandoned cart,
  • last viewed product,
  • reminder after a long absence on the site.

 These scenarios account for between 33% and 41% of all traffic generated by web push.

web push automation and targeting campaign home and you

Comparison of monthly click-through rate of mass campaigns and automation scenarios

🎯 Results

Home&you takes full advantage of the capabilities of mass campaigns and automation scenarios, achieving synergy between both types of notifications. As a result, they are almost equally effective and generate similar traffic to the site.

web push notification home and you

Along with targeting and timing, the content of the notification is one of the key factors that influence whether a subscriber clicks on the notification or not. Using home&you as an example, you can see that pushes with specific values in the title (90% off on a second product, The second item for 10 zł) perform better than more general wording like "Hurry up! It's the last moment". CTR of those specific, value-oriented campaigns can be even 120% higher.

Before introducing web push, Home&you set specific goals, which it then pursued. The company succeeded in achieving them within the intended timeframe: 

  • specified assumed daily subscriber growth - after two months,
  • specified assumed value of conversion rate - after three months,
  • specified minimum number of transactions per sending, including their value (in PLN) - after four months.

📢 Client’s opinion

I consider web push to be a very effective communication channel, mainly because of the simplicity of subscriber sign-ups. All we need to do is to encourage the user to visit our site, for example, through actions in paid advertisements, social media publications or SMS messaging - and from the visitor's side, all that is left is a short action in the form of clicking on the "Allow" button, on the automatically appearing sign-up form for web push notifications.

Additional advantages worth mentioning:

  • The ability to unsubscribe quickly, by deactivating the permission in the notification settings, as soon as the notification is received
  • A major advantage of this channel is also that the notification after sending is displayed on the mobile screen of the subscriber immediately, effectively increasing its reach and CR
  • Automation and response to user behavior on the site: the ability to send automatic notifications, based on the subscriber's actions on the site
  • Intuitive push notification creator that cuts message creation time to minimum.”

Oliwia Socha
Marketing Automation Specialist

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