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Is the implementation of the service worker safe?

Service workers are necessary for web push notification technology, without them push notifications can't function. A service worker is a type of web worker. This is essentially a JavaScript file that runs independently of the main browser thread, intercepting network requests, caching or fetching resources from the cache, and delivering push messages.

More general information about service workers can be found here

If you don’t agree to the implementation of our service worker on the server, you can use basic integration. In this case, there is no need to deploy the service worker on your server, but this does not mean that no service worker is involved in the entire operation and that the web pushes can work without it. In such cases, we "lease" a domain to which all subscribers will be connected, and this domain is owned by the service worker. Therefore, your subscription form and notifications have the "pushpushgo" domain:


In summary, the implementation of the service worker on the client's server does not change anything in terms of data collection, storage, and protection by PushPushGo compared to the basic integration (PushPushGo has passed the security check, so the way we operate has been approved). The only changes are:

  • The domain the subscriber base is associated with (and the domain that will be displayed in the subscription form and on the push notifications themselves) - if the service worker is implemented on your server, it will be associated with your domain, not the PushPushGo domain.

  • The customer can export the subscriber base in the event of a change of the web push notification provider.

  • You can use the single opt-in subscription form, which is necessary to scale the results from this communication channel.

Global brands that trusted us in the implementation of the service worker:

  • Citibank

  • McDonald’s (Isobar)

  • Douglas

  • Ringier Axel Springer

  • TUI

  • Pricerunner (part of Klarna)

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