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4F increases user engagement in the application with mobile push notifications - PushPushGo

July 24, 2023

4F is a Polish sportswear brand owned by OTCF S. A. They offer a wide range of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. They specialize in activewear, outdoor apparel, and fitness clothing. Their products include running shoes, hiking boots, jackets, pants, t-shirts, and sports accessories such as bags, hats, and gloves. 

4F has become a popular brand in Poland and is expanding its reach internationally, offering affordable and stylish options for those looking for sportswear and outdoor gear. Their products were used during the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022 by members of eight national teams from all over Europe. 

4F has been using web push notifications since January 2018. And in September 2021 the company implemented mobile push notifications.

Jonasz Gajewski, Digital & Mobile Lead Architect at OTCF S.A., explained why the company decided to implement mobile push in their mobile application:

“Already at the stage of designing the application, we were aware that the implementation of mobile push was a key aspect, so we invited PushPushGo to work with us.

Communication with the user is extremely important in the context of building engagement and maintaining a high number of active users. Push is an independent marketing communication channel, moreover, it is an engaging tool through which we provide users with information not only about current news, sales or promotions, but we also make use of marketing automation scenarios.”

👥 Subscribers

The company has over 300,000 mobile push subscribers, most of which are users of Android and iOS systems.


📝 Goal

Increase user engagement in the application and decrease application uninstall rate.   

💡 Solution

The company is sending regular mass and targeted campaigns to their mobile push subscribers. On average 4F sends 11 mobile push campaigns per month.


Besides mass and targeted campaigns, 4F also uses automation scenarios such as Welcome message, Abandoned cart, Last seen product, Return visits, etc.

Welcome message, Abandoned cart and Last seen product prove to be the most effective.

“TOP scenarios from the marketing automation series include an abandoned shopping cart and a campaign that reminds of the last viewed products. I think that within e-commerce activities this is a standard proceeding that is worth implementing not only in the application area. Also noteworthy is the effectiveness of blast communication, informing about ongoing promotions and new collections.”

Jonasz Gajewski,
Digital & Mobile Lead Architect @ OTCF S.A.

The company finds both mass and targeted campaigns and automation effective. About 60-70% of results are generated by blast campaigns and 30-40% by enabled automation scenarios.


“The effectiveness of a campaign can be evaluated using several metrics: deliverability, clickthrough rates, as well as metrics related to conversion. Currently, mass communication is more effective, holding at 60-70%, while automated campaigns account for 40-30%.

From our perspective, activities in the area of marketing automation and mass communication are key to building user engagement, so we primarily rely on their symbiosis. What's more, we have high hopes for the development of marketing automation based on the combination of data from various sources and communication based on predictability.”

Jonasz Gajewski,
Digital & Mobile Lead Architect @ OTCF S.A.

🎯 Results

As a result of the used strategy, 4F noted an increase in the number of return users to the mobile app.

After how much time did you start noticing the results of using mobile push, and which KPIs did it affect?

“In two words: right away! 😊 From the beginning, we made an effort to measure effectiveness and introduce modifications in this communication channel.

With the dynamic growth of our user base, we are witnessing an increasing significance of mobile push notifications in the context of our application. They are undoubtedly interconnected vessels. This is mainly reflected in the number of visits generated within the app, which we observe directly after sending a push notification.

Consistently, communication within the app requires attention, analysis, and testing in order to optimize our actions.”

Jonasz Gajewski,
Digital & Mobile Lead Architect @ OTCF S.A.

📢 Client’s opinion

“The development of native app push capabilities indicates that it will be a valuable communication tool in the coming years. Through push notifications, we have the opportunity to communicate with users and build engagement within the application. Additionally, as a marketing tool, push notifications contribute to tightening the sales funnel. By expanding app push with marketing automation scenarios, we have access to a personalized array of possibilities. However, it is important to remember that, like any communication channel, attention should be given to additional factors such as differences between mobile devices and software system settings.

In collaboration with PushPushGo, I appreciate their willingness to take on challenges and their substantive approach based on partnership and understanding of our business needs. The result of our cooperation is a comprehensive platform that allows us to develop app push communication today.”

Jonasz Gajewski,
Digital & Mobile Lead Architect @ OTCF S.A.

Industry E-commerce
Goal Increase user engagement in the app and decrease app uninstall rate.
Effect Immediate increase in the number of return users to the mobile app.
Start testing push notifications
E-commerce industry

4F increases user engagement in the application with mobile push notifications - PushPushGo

August 4 2023 12:21 AM

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