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Beosport increases clients’ loyalty in the busiest time of the year - PushPushGo

May 30, 2022

Beosport is the official distributor of fashion and sports brands in Serbia. Apart from brick-and-mortar shops it also has an online store. The company employs over 300 people. Its mission is to be in constant communication with Beosport's clients, offering them top-shelf products as well as promoting healthy lifestyles and new technologies.

Beosport started testing the PushPushGo tool at the beginning of November 2021 - right before Black Friday and Christmas sales. They use it to send:

  • mass campaigns to all subscribers

  • personalized messages as part of marketing automation scenarios

👥 Subscribers

With more than 17,600 subscribers in the first four months, we can see that Beosport web push campaigns reach a quickly widening audience. 

🤯 Challenge

Reaching clients in the busiest months of the year can be challenging and requires good tools to stand out from the competition. 

💡 Solution

Beosport employed both mass and targeted campaigns right from the get-go. Beosport was very effective in sending mass campaigns in the days leading to Black Friday 2021. In this way, they were able to promote their special offers. 

At the same time, they employed automation to facilitate and improve the buying process. Beosport sent messages to save abandoned carts and remind their subscribers about last-seen products. 

The combination of the abandoned cart and last seen offer scenarios allows to reach all subscribers that didn’t buy anything but just browsed the offers or abandoned their carts.


🎯 Results 

In the researched period from 11th November to 11th December 2021, Beosport’s mass campaigns reached an average CTR of more than 5%. 

The abandoned cart scenario had a CTR of about 13%. 

The CTR of the last-seen offers scenario reached about 8%.

Beosport’s strategy of informing and encouraging their clients has proven to be very successful, both in gaining customers; loyalty, and improving sales. 

Those numbers resulted in a 2,000 EUR gain thanks to web push conversion. 

Industry E-commerce
Goal Reach clients during Black Week period.
Effect 2,000 EUR gain in the busiest months of the year.
Start testing push notifications
E-commerce industry

Beosport increases clients’ loyalty in the busiest time of the year - PushPushGo

August 3 2023 12:41 PM

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