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You are adding a pair of elegant shoes to your cart. At the same time, you get a recommendation to get a shoe polish, which will make it easier to care for your new shoes. One click and you are buying both products. This example perfectly describes how cross-selling works in practice.

Web push notifications can be a great fit for your success with cross-selling. Thanks to a carefully arranged strategy, reaching existing customers and building relationships will be even easier - and the road to sales will be shorter and shorter.

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Why PushPushGo?



Web Push CTR is 5x higher than in e-mail marketing


Signup rate

Build your subscriber database twice as fast as email can


Internet users

Send web push notifications on desktop and mobile screens


Increase in conversion

Rate by up to 10% in your e-shop and site


How to make successful cross-selling campaigns with PushPushGo

What is cross-selling? According to the cross-selling definition, it is a method to persuade a customer to buy an extra product that complements their primary purchase.

Web push notifications can effectively support your cross-selling strategy. Why?

Because thanks to it you will respond to your customers' needs in real-time. With the ability to track user behavior on the site and assign tags, you can send notifications with personalized product recommendations.

How can cross-selling in e-commerce with PushPushGo look like? First of all, perform detailed research and analysis of your consumers.

What is cross-selling?

Before you go into specific actions, create a buyer persona. Answer these questions: Who are your customers? Why do they buy specific products? What budget do they have?

Base your conclusions on data collected from customers who have already made a purchase - in PushPushGo you will give them the appropriate tags, which will later facilitate sending marketing automation campaigns. When creating the persona for cross-selling, you cannot leave out people who visited your website but did not finalise the transaction.

Also look at the products - pay attention to those that are often bought together and create product recommendations based on this information. Marketing automation scenarios will help you reach customers who have the best chance of converting.

Cross-selling and marketing automation

According to Marketing Metrics the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while for new one is only 5-20%. Automating your cross-sell workflow helps to get the most out of each transaction made in your store with minimum efforts.

As it was mentioned above, PushPushGo records user browsing history on the site. Thanks to this you will be able to create advanced automation scenarios and send highly personalized product recommendations that result in successful cross-selling campaign. Web push automation allows to increase sales, improve the return rate, stay always in touch with your subscriber and build loyalty.

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Implement a cross-selling strategy with web push notifications

What is a web push notification?

Web push notifications are small windows that appear on desktops and mobile devices even when a user has already left the site but is still surfing the web. You can use them to send concise messages, which CTR can reach even 20%.

It is only needed for users to agree to receive such communication from a website that they visit. One click is enough to become a subscriber. No personal data or cookies are required.


If someone has already bought something in your shop (let’s say - trousers), you can send a web push notification with a great offer for a belt at a discounted price.


Save abandoned carts! With PushPushGo you can send a simple reminder about the abandoned products in the cart, enriched with the possibility to buy another product, e.g. with a 50% discount. An excellent recipe for saving abandoned baskets and cross-selling.


A customer has already finalized a transaction, but has not returned to the store for more? Nothing is lost yet! With the PushPushGo app, you can send them a notification containing a unique, personalized offer that they will not be able to resist.


Often, there is also a situation in which a potential client may be close to finalizing the transaction, but for some reason hesitates. How can PushPushGo help in such a case? You can create a notification containing aesthetic photos of the products the user was interested in. Along with thought out content and CTA it will do its work!

Cross-selling benefits every retail business. It is one of the most effective ways to increase sales in e-commerce. With web push notifications you will get the most of it. Interested in an effective web push strategy? Contact us -

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