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Betcris.pl increases the number of daily active users with web push notifications - PushPushGo

May 24, 2023

Betcris is a bookmaking company that has been operating in the market since 2006 and is considered one of the pioneers in the online betting industry. Currently, the company offers its services in multiple countries worldwide and has over 100 physical locations in various regions of Latin America. Betcris has also been a legal bookmaker in Poland since 2021.

The company has started actively using web push notifications in its communication strategy since September 2022.

“We wanted to expand our communication with customers by adding an additional channel and reaching a larger group of players in an engaging and less invasive way. Our long-term goal is to improve player retention and increase the number of active players on our website. Additionally, receiving our notifications helps to solidify brand familiarity and strengthen our brand presence.”

Tomasz Szymczak
Marketing Manager at Betcris.pl

👥 Subscribers

According to SimilarWeb, Betcris.pl has a monthly average of 133.3 thousand visitors to its website. Thanks to this consistent flow of visitors, the web push notification subscriber base grows by an average of 16% per month.

web push betcris subscribers

📝 Goals

To increase retention, reach customers through an additional communication channel, and build brand awareness.

💡 Solution

Betcris.pl sends regular web push campaigns, averaging 26 per month.

betcris web push notifications

In addition to web push mass campaigns, the company also has web push automation enabled. Here are some active automation scenarios:

  • Welcome message: several minutes after subscribing, the user receives an automatic notification.


  • Abandoned bet: several minutes after the subscriber abandons their bet, they receive a reminder notification that they are just one step away from placing the bet and potentially winning.

  • Long absence: if the subscriber hasn't visited the website for some period of time, they receive a web push notification encouraging them to check out the offers, log in to their account, and start playing again.

🎯 Results

Thanks to a web push communication strategy, which includes mass campaigns and automation, Betcris.pl has been able to create a dynamic and engaging user experience. This, in turn, has strengthened the bookmaker's relationships with its audience. As a result, Betcris.pl has observed an increase in user retention and player reactivation.

“As a relatively young brand in the Polish market, we have been experiencing a steady increase in the number of users. Undoubtedly, the introduction of push notifications in the form of marketing automation has had a positive impact on improving user retention and player reactivation metrics. Sending notifications about the most exciting events in our offerings significantly contributes to the growth of active users on a daily basis."

Tomasz Szymczak
Marketing Manager at Betcris.pl

📢 Clients' opinion

“I consider web push to be a useful and valuable communication channel. From the recipient's perspective, it is less invasive than newsletters or SMS, and due to its concise form, it conveys only the most important information, making it easier to maintain order in other communication channels. The notification format is highly condensed and seems to be well-adapted to the recipients' expectations.

PushPushGo, as a platform, is very user-friendly and intuitive. It allows for easy and fast creation of notifications and campaign setup. Campaigns can be scheduled well in advance, allowing for long-term communication planning without the need for manual intervention in each campaign. Additionally, a major advantage is the marketing automation panel, where universal customer paths can be created, triggered by specific player behaviors.”

Tomasz Szymczak
Marketing Manager at Betcris.pl

Industry E-commerce
Goal Increase retention and increase brand awareness.
Effect Increase in daily active users and player reactivation.
Start testing push notifications
E-commerce industry

Betcris.pl increases the number of daily active users with web push notifications - PushPushGo

July 19 2023 10:28 AM

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