Email marketing 2.0: how to replace traditional newsletter?

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Build up a GDPR-friendly database of subscribers twice as fast as a newsletter

Send notifications directly on user's desktop or mobile screen that automatically results in 90% view rate

Send mass or targeted campaigns based on users behaviour on your site

Create advanced automation scenarios to react in real time on the subscriber actions

Email marketing, social media, paid advertising... There are many ways to communicate with your customers - but not all of them are equally effective.

Nevertheless, email marketing is still the most popular means of communication. 117 billion commercial emails are sent by brands every day. And what about their effectiveness? You probably know the answer perfectly.

Web push notifications will allow you to achieve several times higher indicators than email marketing tools. So use web push as an alternative to newsletters. Why should you?

Easy automation, no IT involvement required

Test multiple scenarios at once

Resistant to AdBlock, no collection of cookies

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Why PushPushGo?



Web Push CTR is 5x higher than in e-mail marketing


Signup rate

Build your subscriber database twice as fast as email can


Internet users

Send web push notifications on desktop and mobile screens


Increase in conversion

Rate by up to 10% in your e-shop and site


Email Marketing 2.0: explore PushPushGo!

PushPushGo is a platform for creating and sending web push notifications. These are concise messages that are displayed to your potential clients or readers when they use a browser.

With the help of web push notifications, marketers can create mass campaigns, but also targeted ones based on similar mechanisms like in the case of email marketing automation. Personalisation ensures that you reach the right people with your messages.If necessary, you can integrate PushPushGo application with your CRM system.

What messages can the web push notification contain?

There are no limits, except the number of characters ;) You can inform your audience about everything that is important, as well as think outside box and create a new way of engaging customers.

Web push notifications and email marketing in the context of GDPR

Perfectly known to all marketers EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes a number of laws related to the collection and storage of personal data, including Internet users.

When conducting marketing activities and building a database of subscribers, you must obtain consent to process customer information and to send commercial messages in the case of email marketing.

However, the GDPR does not change the rules for web push notifications. No need to provide information on how you store data because they are not collected by the PushPushGo system.

What is a web push notification?

Web push notifications are small windows that appear on desktops and mobile devices even when a user has already left the site but is still surfing the web. You can use them to send concise messages, which CTR can reach even 20%.

It is only needed for users to agree to receive such communication from a website that they visit. One click is enough to become a subscriber. **No personal data or cookies are required. **

In order to save time, you can schedule when web push notification has to be sent, e.g. when someone abandoned the shopping cart or hasn't been on the store's website for a long time.

web push CTR can reach even 20%

Test completely free of charge for 30 days

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The most common ways to use notifications

  • Content distribution. When you publish a new article on your blog, it is worth to inform your subscribers about it. If you create many blog posts, you can automate this activity and send notifications about articles from a specific category to people who visited a certain page, thus avoiding excess messages and irritation of the client.
  • Information about current discounts. It is always worth communicating the best deals, as well as preparing a special offer for a specific target group.
  • Encouraging to return to the website after a long absence. It is also an action that can be done automatically (just like in the case of email marketing automation). You can set up the time for sending a notification, after the last session, to remind your customers about your brand.
  • Customer satisfaction survey. Add two interaction options, one of which will signal to you that everything is fine and the other will invite the subscriber to contact you regarding the improvement of the quality of services.
  • A reminder of an abandoned shopping cart or recently viewed products. Remarketing, retargeting - whatever you want. Web push notifications are a brilliant way to save abandoned carts and increase your revenue even by up to 10%.
  • Shopping recommendations. Send notifications based on the last viewed product category on the website.

It's almost like email marketing, isn't it? Only more effective.

So, what distinguishes PushPushGo from email marketing and its tools?


Ease of building a subscriber base

The newsletter sign-up form usually requires at least the name and email address. In the case of web push notifications, acquiring a subscriber is much faster and DOESN’T require any sensitive data.

To enable receiving notifications, you only need one click!



Web push notifications are supported by a web browser, and thus are not affected by anti-spam filters. If the user has agreed to receive notifications and will use the browser at the time specified by you - notification will appear on his screen for 100%. What's more, all delivered notifications will be automatically opened!


Less spam

This is one of the most important advantages of web push notifications. After all, who doesn't struggle with an eternally overloaded inbox? Web push notifications are based on the principle of permission marketing - if someone has not consented to receive them, it is simply technologically impossible to get them.


Minimum engagement

There is no need to open any inbox to read the notification - opened web browser is enough. Moreover, you can only do two things - click the CTA button or close the notification.

You're still wondering if web push notifications can be an effective alternative to email marketing? We hope that knowing what is email marketing and web push notifications you see significant advantages of the latest. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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