Online marketing insights

Change places with customers to understand your buyer persona

Last updated - November 22 2023 12:38 PM
Weronika Bazarnik
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Online marketing insights

Change places with customers to understand your buyer persona

Last updated - November 22, 2023
Weronika Bazarnik
11 min Read

She is an accountant, a fan of CrossFit and a young mother. He is the owner of an advertising agency, a bookworm and a bachelor. Do you know which one is a regular customer of your online store? What kind of people are behind the money spent in your store? What are they interested in? What influences their purchasing decisions?

If you don’t know, you’re making one of the biggest business mistakes and wasting a chance to add a degree of personalization to your marketing. That’s why it’s so important to understand the concept of buyer personas and take action to build them for your brand.

Hi, I’m your buyer persona—and you are…?

Communication adapted to the requirements, needs and expectations of customers is one of the most important factors guaranteeing business growth. However, to be able to develop it and use it further, you have to first create the ideal customer profile. This is what helps you to know who you are looking for and will make it much easier for you to find out where to find such people how to reach them.

Communication between the company and the consumer is similar to cultivating a close relationship. First, you meet someone, you have the first conversations, and then you maintain this bond. To do it right, however, you need to know more about the other person. It's the same with the buyer persona.

To give you the most concise and useful definition:

A marketing buyer persona is a picture of a real customer built on the basis of knowledge about his preferences, experience and needs throughout the entire purchasing process.

Among other things, this profile is created based on:

  • detailed analysis of buying habits

  • insights gained from interviews about preferred products and how they are used 

  • general examination of how customers behave in your store

We’ll come back to this idea throughout this post.

Why is it worth spending time and other resources to analyze this information? 

Speaking in business language - a comprehensive understanding of your business’ buyer persona is crucial to monitoring sales and everything that concerns customer acquisition and retention. Creating engaging marketing content and conducting inbound marketing activities are among the primary means to achieve this goal.

Marketing persona - why is it so important for your business?

We say that creating a persona is a basic step if we want marketing and sales activities to be effective. Let's explain why.

Determining the identity of the recipient of your message will help you better understand customers (including potential ones), and thus establish relationships with them so that they are more likely to come back to your store. Knowledge on this topic will allow you to more effectively adapt the content of marketing messages, as well as the very type of products and services offered. Essentially, it will be easier for you to show that you have something to offer that really interests recipients.

marketing person definition

It is worth noting that there are many factors that differentiate potential customers. We are talking about issues such as needs, concerns and previous experience. With this knowledge, you'll be able to develop a strict marketing strategy that will help you attract customers at every stage of the sales funnel.

One of the worst assumptions brands make is that their offer is and should be addressed to everyone.

Why? We live in an age of mass of advertising messages, news and other information that we constantly analyze. As scientists from the University of California-San Diego have calculated, we process thirty-four gigabytes of data every day. With a limited amount of time and energy, we have to choose what we will pay attention to and what gets ignored. Messages that directly address our needs and interests win.

The lack of a clearly defined target group means that by communicating to everyone, in reality you will not be able to reach anyone because the message will not be engaging enough.

Speaking in business language, a company that does not know who its target group is not able to earn in the long run. Its sale is more random than planned, so it's difficult to predict future marketing results.

This is where the role of persona appears in marketing. It’s what clearly shows that the target group of the brand are people who differ from each other in many respects.

Let illustrate this using the example of MAC Cosmetics on Instagram. Although the brand sells the same products globally, its communication varies depending on the country of origin of the target group. Each time it takes into account typical trends for a given region and makeup preferences of clients.

Posts addressed to US residents contain photos of make-up with a completely different aesthetics:


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Let your aura shine. Our most brilliant liquid-powder highlighter formula, Extra Dimension Skinfinish, glows up in three palettes packed with holographic shades that wear for 10 hours. Senior Artist @nettart uses the palette Constellation Dreams on model @romakeren. #Regram @maccosmeticsisrael #MACExtraDimension

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Than those aimed at Nordic countries:

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Natural & glowy look at @ceciliebahnsen show💫 Key artist: @rikkedengsoe Photo: @sarah_buthmann #maccosmeticsnordics #macbackstage

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