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What is a beacon strategy?

Beacons are used to send data about the subscriber's behavior on your website to your PushPushGo account. Thanks to this, we know what subpages he visited and what actions he performed.

PushPushGo offers several strategies for sending beacons to the application. Its choice depends on how your website is built.


default: for pages that reload when an element is clicked

hash: for older SPA pages (Single Page Applications) whose URLs contain "#", e.g. / # / profile /,

history: modern SPA pages running on the History API - page reload is not visible as in the default strategy, and there is no "#" sign in the URL

visibiliciange: detection of an action indicating exiting the page, such as changing the tab, minimizing the browser window. Intended for pages on which, after clicking on a given element, a new tab opens in the browser.

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