Web push in a home and kitchen webstore. Dajar Magazin and PushPushGo

Dajar magazin is the web store of the largest company in the market of household and kitchen products in Eastern Europe. The company implemented web push notifications in July 2020.

We spoke with Andreea Paleologu, marketing and communications expert and account director at Sag Media Communications, an agency that helps develop Dajar's online business, about her experience with web push technology.

Can you give us an overview of Sag Media Communications and your role in the company?

I am the Account Director with Sag Media Communications, the MarCom agency for Dajar Romania, a local subsidiary of Dajar Group, the Polish leader of homewares and garden furniture wholesale market in the whole Central Europe region.

We implement the marketing and communication strategy for Dajar and their webshop, www.dajarmagazin.ro, including push notification campaigns.

What prompted you to implement push notifications? What goals did you want to achieve?

In Romania, over the past 4 years, Dajar has had exponential growth YoY for its webshop, which grew to around 25% of the annual company turnover. It’s a pretty significant ratio, given the fact that Dajar generates the core of the turnover through its B2B sales channels and the webshop was launched at more than 5 years distance from the market entry.

Our agency stepped in to assist the development of Dajar’s online business when this figure was around 10%.

So we were always oriented towards solutions which would boost online revenues, focusing both on lead generation, as well as lead retention. We found that push notifications are not only a lucrative conversion tool, but they also aided our social shares and SEO for pages with lower traffic, through returning traffic.

How did the implementation of web push go? Was the process easy, or did you encounter any obstacles?

I would say the process went smoothly, implementation is quick, efficient, mostly automated.

How long did it take before you noticed the results? Which KPIs improved?  Can you provide estimates of the changes?

As previously stated, our main goal was lead retention and the push campaigns gave us substantial support in this respect. 

We also noticed an improvement in cart abandonment ratios and a noticeable increase in CRO, also through the last seen product scenario used.

How can you characterise your web push subscribers? Can you notice any behaviours in them not typical for your audience in other channels?

We noticed a healthy jolt in returning users for the 7 days absence and new services push campaigns, so our acquired users are loyal customers, very much interested in the Dajar product portfolio as well as new releases, not only in promotions and discounts.

In what cases do web push notifications work best? Which features do you find the most useful?

For Dajar Magazin, push campaigns really helped with customer retention and satisfaction, certain assortment special promos and prices, but also with personalised recommendations based on the last seen product scenario. 

As said above, we were able to notice steady decreases in cart abandonment rates, which also influenced our overall conversion rate optimization.

What is your sending strategy for web push?

We have weekly campaigns, new collection releases campaigns, seasonal discount campaigns.

What is your opinion of web push as a communication channel?

Web push is a very effective subscriber based customer retention tool, which convinces and converts your audience. There’s a very thin line, however, between being disruptive with a purpose and overwhelming your audience to the point where they unsubscribe. 

So yes, web push is an engagement and conversion optimization ace up your sleeve, as a marketer, so long as you understand your audience and you don’t rely solely on the autopilot built-in features.

How would you rate your experience with PushPushGo so far?

Consistent and personalised, just as our push campaigns 😀.

Andreea Paleologu is a marketing and communications expert, with +15 years experience.

She worked for two of the biggest e-commerce groups in CEE, Studio Moderna and InspiGroup, as Group Marketing Manager and Country Manager, prior to co-founding Sag Media Communications, an agency specialized in integrated marketing communications (online communication, direct marketing, sales promotion, PR and ala carte advertising campaigns) for start-ups, as well as established businesses.

Andreea and her colleagues provide bespoke marketing strategies tailored around today’s sophisticated consumers and execute them for you.

Connect with Andreea on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreeapaleologu

Agency website: https://www.sagmediateam.com

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