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Implementing upselling campaigns is one of the most popular methods to increase online sales. It is relatively simple and inexpensive - a well-thought-out strategy and the right tools are enough to make it work.

No can do without the right tool in e-commerce. Marketing automation, thanks to its ingenious personalization capabilities, creates a really wide range of opportunities to show off in the sphere of upselling. One of the tools that will allow you to use its potential is PushPushGo app and web push notifications.

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Why PushPushGo?



Web Push CTR is 5x higher than in e-mail marketing


Signup rate

Build your subscriber database twice as fast as email can


Internet users

Send web push notifications on desktop and mobile screens


Increase in conversion

Rate by up to 10% in your e-shop and site


What is upselling and how it works?

What's upselling? Every salesperson knows the answer to this question - upselling is about proposing to the customer products or services with a higher price, a higher standard and with more features. Up, up, up!

To the point - how does it work and how to use web push notifications in upselling?

Imagine that a potential client is going to buy a pair of shoes in your shop online. Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, there are a number of steps you can take to make this purchase even more profitable for you.

With web push notifications, you can bring two upselling tactics into life:

  • A customer is just browsing through a product, let's say shoes. Send him a notification presenting a similar pair of shoes, but a bit more expensive and of better quality. If you present your arguments well, **the upselling attempt will certainly end in success. **
  • The next option is cross-selling. The customer adds shoes to the basket? Great - offer him matching socks or a polish to clean them.

What is a web push notification?

Web push notifications are very effective in up-selling, small windows appear on desktops and mobile devices. They are displayed even after the user has left the page. This fact makes web push notifications highly effective. Their CTR may reach up to 20%.

The process of subscribing to notifications is very simple. It is enough that the customer agrees to receive notifications during a visit to your website - just with one click. No personal data or cookies are needed, and adblockers do not limit the reach of your web push campaigns.

Test completely free of charge for 30 days

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Upselling - why PushPushGo?

You can send upselling messages using a variety of tools. Newsletter, paid ads... None of them, however, gives you the opportunity to communicate in real time.

Web push notifications can be effectively used for upselling of services as well as products. They are displayed on your users' screens when you want them to - to open they don’t need any mailbox. If necessary, you can set the period of validity of the notification so that you do not send outdated offers.

How to get started? Just encourage them to subscribe by creating a simple form. You don't need any personal data of your recipients - everything is done via the browser. Have we already mentioned that the CTR of notifications reaches even 20%?

PushPushGo also gives you the opportunity to collect information about your customers, so that you can develop your upselling campaigns in the future. You can send a notification with a short survey examining the preferences of people visiting your website.

So, how you can implement successful upselling campaigns in e-commerce?


Make detailed research about the shopping habits of your regular customers. You can also take a closer look at those users who visited your shop, maybe even added something to your shopping cart, but did not complete the transaction. Use this information to create buyer personas and build a customer journey to get to know your audience. This is the very first thing you can combine with web push notifications: sending them to those clients who clearly were interested in buying a particular item or service (hence adding to the cart), but have not finalized the purchase. PushPushGo allows you easily develop product recommendations based on the categories viewed by the user. Yes, it's nothing more than a remarketing done via web push.


Give yourself an answer to the question: are you promoting the more expensive products or services in an appropriate way? It is never too late to optimize and test the mechanisms of upselling. Web push notifications can be a great way to send special offers - nothing encourages to buy like an extra discount.


Obtain feedback from customers after a purchase or a visit to your website. You need to analyze, optimize and improve weak points, which will result in more effective upselling. With web push notifications, you will be able to create short surveys that will help you to measure the satisfaction of your customers with your purchases.

While for entrepreneurs upselling is about maximizing the revenue from the each sale, for customers it is about additional value. In this case, PushPushGo allows you avoid the situation when you try to upsell something regardless of whether or not the buyer needs it.

In fact, it is still much easier and cheaper to convince someone, who is already determined to buy, to choose more expensive alternative with greater value than to convert a new visitor into a purchase.

Therefore, we encourage you to use all the potential of every transaction on your site by implementing upselling techniques. Web push notification is a great tool to do it effectively. If you still have any questions or want to start your adventure with our application, feel free to contact us - support@pushpushgo.com


Test completely free of charge for 30 days

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