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Lead generation, despite the dynamic development of marketing channels, is still the key matter for B2B companies. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 85% of marketers declare that generating leads is the primary goal of their activities.

Nowadays, the market is so saturated with different types of businesses and advertisements, that it's a challenge actually to get across to the client with a message. Furthermore, law aspects (e.g. GDPR) and the politics of social media make it harder for companies to acquire data.

Fortunately, new technological solutions are still being developed, which makes generating sales leads easier. Thanks to them you can automate the whole process and personalize your message. One of such tools is PushPushGo - a platform that allows the creation and sending web push notifications. It will help you continuously generate leads without using any personal information. And with automatic communication scenarios, you can easily turn them into satisfied customers.

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Why PushPushGo?



Web Push CTR is 5x higher than in e-mail marketing


Signup rate

Build your subscriber database twice as fast as email can


Internet users

Send web push notifications on desktop and mobile screens


Increase in conversion

Rate by up to 10% in your e-shop and site


How to generate leads?

What is lead? Theoretically speaking, lead is a company or person who is aware of his or her business problem/challenge and actively seeks its solution. It is a person that is ready to make a purchase decision, so it is worth contacting him/her to help complete the transaction.

The definition above doesn't answer the question of what exactly a lead is for your company. In order to identify people and organizations potentially interested in your product, you should prepare a buyer persona, in other words - an "ideal" client profile. You can create a few of these personas to reflect their differences.

Identifying who your target audience is should give you an answer to the question of what is the best way and time to contact them with your sales lead generation campaign. One of such places is certainly your own website, so it is not worth wasting its potential.

The process of generating B2B leads is based on boosting interest in your product or service. However, before you start a campaign, check whether you have the right resources for it, such as the right infrastructure (e.g. CRM system, thanks to which you manage customer relations), interesting content, optimized website or a dedicated landing page. If you are missing any of these elements - fill in the gaps immediately.

Lead generation: price

The price of generating leads is the easiest to determine in relation to one obtained lead. For example, in PushPushGo up to 500 leads, i.e. subscribers who signed up for your notifications, you will not pay anything at all. Later the cost of one lead can be even below 0,02 EUR. Any marketing platform or company dealing with the acquisition of sales leads should be able to provide you with a personalized quote.

However, in order to evaluate the price of the obtained valuable contact you need to take into account not only the cost of lead nurturing process but also additional activities such as content marketing. During lead generation, the price as a total sum of these costs is the key matter because it allows you to define the profitability of operations.

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How to generate leads with the help of web push notifications?

As much as 93% of B2B purchases start with online research. Your website is, therefore, a key place to generate leads, because it is the most convenient place to put complete information about your offer and to be easily found by search engines.

Through integration with PushPushGo, your site will give you many opportunities to get information about the needs and interests of those online visitors and then use this data to create automatic leads generation scenarios.

This is because web push notifications are small windows that appear on desktops and mobile devices even when a user has already left the site but is still surfing the web. It is only needed for users to agree to receive such communication from a website that they visit. One click is enough to become a subscriber. No personal data or cookies are required.

web push for lead generation

Subscription form without any personal data

The biggest advantage of web push notifications in comparison to other channels is the simplicity of the subscription process. One click is enough to become a subscriber. This will allow the page to send you notifications. Furthermore, the user doesn't need to administer any sensitive data. Thanks to all of this the average signup rate comes to 6-12%.

Try to persuade users to sign up in the simplest possible way - by showing them the benefits that come after subscription to notifications. If someone hasn't signed up the first time, you can set a time after which the form will appear again.

During sales lead generation it’s easy to go overboard on the frequency of messages, so don’t spam your page visitors with pop-ups or notifications. On the other hand, don’t make yourself forgettable. Find a balance!


Content distribution or effective lead generation

Content distribution is not only about newsletters. Web push notifications will perform in this role just as well or maybe even better.

PushPushGo app allows you to send mass or target messages - you don't need to present all of your content to all of your subscribers. You can divide them into different topic segments (based on pages visited earlier or the registration category).

Firstly, remember to develop a content marketing strategy that is based on the actual needs of potential customers and contains content with the right subject matter and form (articles, films, podcasts or infographics).


Personalized special offers sent automatically

While generating B2B leads it's worth personalizing your offer and, depending on the user’s actions on the site, sending the right notification.

PushPushGo enables you to send notifications informing about discounts on products that a given person has been interested in the past - you can prepare recommendations based on tags that you will give to users based on their behavior on the website.

A special offer can be a shopping impulse especially if it's timely. In the application, you can set the expiration date of your notification. Also consider a special discount as a reward for being a subscriber for a long period of time.


Increase Return Rate and Loyalty

During B2B lead generation it's extremely important to maintain relationships. If someone has visited your website once - don't let them forget about you.

Web push notifications will help you do this. Thanks to the marketing automation module, you will send notifications to people who, for example, have not been on your website for 30 days. Be sure to tell them about the benefits that will result from their next visit.


Improve your customer service

Generating sales leads isn’t just collecting data and one-way communication, it’s also a dialogue.

Take care of the best (potential) customer service. Thanks to this you will earn their trust and build a connection. With web push notifications, you can create short surveys to measure your audience's satisfaction.

It will take just a few seconds, because the buttons for the answers in the questionnaire will be placed directly in the notification. All it takes is one click of the recipient to provide the answer, which gives a chance for a higher conversion compared to traditional survey platforms. Based on those answers, you can suggest optimal solutions to your users, which will simplify the decision-making aspect of purchasing.

The appropriate time of sending and the selection of an adequate message for the target group is very important for leads generation. You can create different scenarios of sending notifications and divide the database of recipients in many ways by adding appropriate tags to each lead. Thanks to the sending time optimization, notifications will be sent according to the time zone of your recipient.

We hope that we have dispelled your possible doubts about how to generate leads with PushPushGo. If you still have any questions or want us to help you implement web push notifications in your lead generation process, please contact us at:

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