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Abandoned shopping carts in e-commerce is one of the biggest problems that online retailers face these days. Statistics confirm this - according to Baymard Institute research, as many as **69% of online purchases end up abandoning the cart. **

For managers and owners of e-commerce, it means huge financial losses - maintaining a once won client is finally five times cheaper than acquiring a new one. It’s no surprise that marketers are constantly looking for solutions that will make customers return to the store and finalize the transaction.

One of the most innovative solutions of how to recover abandoned carts is to add a web push notification to your strategy. What may surprise you is how powerful such a tool can be with regards to cart abandonment recovery.

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Why PushPushGo?



Web Push CTR is 5x higher than in e-mail marketing


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Build your subscriber database twice as fast as email can


Internet users

Send web push notifications on desktop and mobile screens


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Rate by up to 10% in your e-shop and site


Recover abandoned shopping carts in ecommerce

Even if potential customers visit your online store thanks to successful marketing creations, they can still leave the site, abandoning the selected products in the shopping cart. How to deal with it?

Saving abandoned shopping carts is not only about paid advertising and newsletters. You do not believe it? Let's start with a brief description of the web push notifications.

Thanks to the integration with PushPushGo you will be able to keep track of the interests and behavior of your subscribers. This information will allow you not only to react to the abandonment of the cart, but also to deduce why it took place and what message has the greatest chance to get the customer to complete the transaction.

how to save abandoned carts

What is a web push notification?

Web push notifications are small windows that appear on desktops and mobile devices even when a user has already left the site but is still surfing the web. You can use them to send concise messages, which CTR can reach even 20%.

It is only needed for users to agree to receive such communication from a website that they visit. One click is enough to become a subscriber. **No personal data or cookies are required. **

In order to save time, you can schedule when web push notification has to be sent, e.g. when someone abandoned the shopping cart or hasn't been on the store's website for a long time.

Test completely free of charge for 30 days

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How to save abandoned carts in e-commerce with PushPushGo?

By using web push notifications, you can easily send sales messages to potential customers who have agreed to receive them and left their abandoned carts in your online store. How? Here are some suggestions:


Remind a potential buyer about items left in the cart. With PushPushGo you can do it easily - the application allows you to track at which moment customers abandoned the cart and encourage any would-be-clients to finish their purchase with the relevant message. The notification can contain e.g. a photo of an abandoned product, its name or price. Such personalization increases the chance that the recipient will click the notification and complete the started transaction.


In order to make your cart abandonment recovery strategy even more successful,inform about special offers via web push notifications. Not only a discount can lead users to finalize a purchase - but you can also offer free delivery or a small free gift. Send out a time-limited offers that entice them to hurry back and complete the transaction. To do this PushPushGo allows creating notifications that will be sent after a specified period of time (e.g. 30 minutes or 2 hours) and set up a time when the validity of your message will expire.


How about using web push not only for solving the problem of abandoned shopping carts in e-commerce but also for encouraging users to return to your online store? After a certain period of time, you just need to send such users a notification reminding them about your shop's offer - it can also be a link to a newly written article or information about the current promotion. Of course, the notification may include a photo of the product the user has viewed before or simply a reference to the category he or she was browsing, e.g. a wedding dress.


A single purchase isn’t yet a success. Encourage the customer to the next one. Sent notification with personalised recommendations based on recently viewed products or categories can be a great trigger for a spontaneous purchase. By tracking what categories or products users visited you can send highly personalized offers. In the end, it’s always harder to resist own preferences.

No matter what strategy you choose, always keep in mind that someone who put the products in the cart was interested in them. **It's much easier (and cheaper) to turn such user into a paying customer than to get the attention of completely new visitors. **

We hope that we have solved your possible doubts about how to recover abandoned carts with PushPushGo. If you still have any questions or want to start your adventure with our application, feel free to contact us!

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Test completely free of charge for 30 days

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