Up-selling in ecommerce

1. Problem overview

On average, retailers have a 60% to 70% chance to convince customers to buy more. In comparison, the chances of selling to a new customer fluctuate between 5% to 20%. One of the effective methods of making customers buy more expensive products and, consequently, increase the value of his/her basket is up-selling.

However, failing to take into account customer needs can result in clients not making any purchase at all.

2. Goals

  • increase sales and overall revenue by increasing the value of the shopping cart
  • provide buyers with the most relevant product offers and enhance the customer experience

3. Web push automation and up-selling

Web push notification platforms collect the following data:

  • value of the basket
  • amount of products in the basket
  • category / subcategory or even particular item that was added to the cart or the subscriber was browsing on the site

Upselling campaigns via web push notifications can be carried out in two ways:

  1. The subscriber added items to the cart but abandoned his/her order. In this case, instead of triggering an Abandoned Cart scenario, you can send a web push notification offering a better alternative to the product the user abandoned.
  2. The subscriber was browsing products on the website but left the site without buying anything. You can send him a web push notification offering products of a better quality and functionality with a slightly higher price.

4. Handy Advice

Integration with XML (product feed) will increase the effectiveness of your up-selling campaign. Thanks to this you can define products that are linked with each other. Thus, if the user was checking product X, he/she will get a web push offering product Y. Price, photo, the product name will be automatically pulled out of the product feed.

If the customer abandoned his order of 25cm pizza priced at $12.50, you can offer him a bigger sized pizza with a slightly higher price.

5. Why web push notifications?

Web push technology is a new and highly effective tool that enables brands to deliver notifications directly to user desktops. Thanks to web push automation you are able to track user behavior on the site and, consequently, send highly personalized web push notifications that offer additional value to the customer and encourage them to buy more expensive products and increase the value of their carts. 

The CTR for up-selling web push campaigns is 9%.

6. Benefit from our experience

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For example, if the customer checked 60-inch TVs, send a notification suggesting an 80-inch display. 

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