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Can I change the content of the sign-up form?

When answering this question, it is worth paying attention to the differences between the personalized and the default (browser) subscription form in which the final consent to notifications takes place.

Personalized sign-up form
The subscription to notifications is usually preceded by a personalized subscription form. Most often it has the form of a pop-up or a small retractable rectangle with an image or logo of the page.

personalized web push subscription form

PushPushGo gives you the option to edit the content and appearance of a personalized subscription form. These settings can be configured in the panel by going to the Subscription form tab. More information about sign-up forms can be found here.

Default subscription form 

After giving consent on a personalized subscription form, it must be confirmed by clicking Allow in the default (browser) form. In the case of basic integration, it is visible in the confirmation window:

web push default sign up form

However, in case of integration with own domain, the form appears next to the bar containing the URL of the website:

web push sign up form

It is not possible to change the content of the default (browser) subscription form. It is a browser element that we have no influence over. Texts displayed in the form are in the same language as the language set in the subscriber's browser.

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