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I can’t subscribe for notifications

You have successfully integrated your website, but you cannot see the subscription form, or after allowing notifications you are still not visible in the panel as a new recipient? First, make sure that the following situations do not apply:

  • You are using an incognito window

You should never test the subscription to web push notifications in incognito mode. Although PushPushGo scripts work correctly and display all elements (sign-up form, bell widget), subscribing in incognito mode is not possible. The browser does not provide information about the recipient then, so it cannot subscribe for notifications.

  • You are already signed up for notifications

  • You have blocked notifications within the browser

  • You have blocked notifications within the operating system of your device

Sometimes, when testing the subscription for notifications, we perform steps that are unusual for ordinary users. In this case, it is a good idea to clear all settings related to the subscription to notifications to be able to test the process again. You can find instructions on how to clear browser settings here.

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