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How to reset browser settings regarding subscription to notifications?


  • Go to chrome: // serviceworker-internals /

  • Look for the item that contains the URL of the page and click Unregister

  • Then go to your website

  • Click F12 and the IndexDB item will appear in the Application tab.

  • Click on IndexDB and the pushpushgo item will appear in the drop-down list. Delete it (After clicking on it, delete the database)

  • Click the padlock on the address bar of your browser. When a pull-out list appears, select Notifications. 

  • Click Ask


  • Enter about: debugging # workers in the address bar

  • Then your page will appear in the service threads

  • Click Unregister

  • Visit your website, and click F12

  • A window will appear in which you must click Data

  • In the list, you should find IndexDB > our website > pushpushgo

  • Right-click and delete it

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