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Barbara Szczygielska-Popiołek Software Developer
Software Developer - first person hired by PushPushGo

After 4 years in PushPushGo, Basia tells about the effectiveness of a software developer, about the impostor syndrome in the case of a woman in the IT world and whether it is possible to build a good development team without experience in recruiting.

2021-09-204 min
Andrej Susic human touch in B2B sales
Human touch in B2B sales: why does it matter?

Building alliances and partnerships that will create Win-Win situations is the approach that will bring success in B2B sales. Andrej Sušić tells how it works on his experience.

2021-08-246 min
Gustavo Javier Saenz PushPushGo
B2B sales in LATAM and Europe - how to do it effectively?

How to sell effectively software? How you should adjust your sales approach for LATAM and European markets? Gustavo Javier Saenz, based on 18+ years of experience in sales, answers these and other questions in the interview.

2021-08-095 min
PushPushGo anniversary, web push notifications
PushPushGo turns four: an interview with Dawid Mędrek and Mateusz Worotyński

Mateusz Worotyński and Dawid Mędrek shared about their path of building a company from technological and business sides, obstacles they faced, the lessons they learned as well as plans for further business growth.

2021-07-2818 min
PushPushGo investor Vercom Group web push
PushPushGo gains a new investor - Vercom Group

Vercom S.A., a dynamically growing technology company, will invest PLN 9,3 million (USD 2,42 million) in PushPushGo gaining 67,42% of shares.

2021-07-082 min
Can an introvert be a good marketer and salesperson?
2021-02-177 min

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